The idea for the Feeling Good seminars was conceived in the summer of 2011 by The Building Centre Trust and Grigoriou Interiors.

The seminar series were to look at the science and economics of wellbeing in interior environments. To achieve this, they had to examine how a growing body of scientific research on the impacts to wellbeing can add value to the interior industry, promote human wellbeing and have a positive effect on the financial performance of companies.

These seminars were placed in the context of interior design and interior fit-outs of commercial spaces.

Many design factors were to be covered and explain their direct effect on job satisfaction and productivity. The intention was to demonstrate how the application of the findings within projects can help consultants and clients in their line of work.

The audience included Consultants, Occupiers/Owners, Suppliers/ Manufacturers, Architects, Interior Designers, Facility Managers, Developers, HR professionals and other institutions.


The seminars focussed on the effects of Evidence Based Design (EBD) and how a well conceived physical environment can promote human wellbeing.

The seminars covered a range of topics related to healthcare architecture, explaining how to implement research and provide long-term benefits for the end users. The idea being that by applying EBD to places of work, school and homes the industry has the chance to both improve and sustain the wellbeing of occupants.

The seminars explained how many factors such as acoustics, air quality, lighting and furnishings can have a significant impact on building occupants and ultimately the client’s financial performance. By affecting job satisfaction, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism, they demonstrated how informed decisions and practises could add the most value.

Grigoriou Interiors curated and presented at these seminars, together with some of the following experts:

  • Professor Derek Clements-Croome from Reading University
  • Professor Hilary Dalke from Kingston University
  • Angela Wright, Colour Affects
  • Dr Bridget Juniper, Work and Well-Being, on Measuring Wellbeing
  • Dr John Mardaljevic BSc MPhil PhD, Reader in Daylight Modelling, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University
  • Dr Derrick Crump, The Institute of Environment and Health, Cranfield University
  • Charles Seaford, New Economics Foundation
  • Katie Livesey, BRE and Feeling Good Foundation Committee Member
  • Claudia Ehmke, Product Design at FutureGov
  • Kelly Watson, PhD researcher School of Environment & Development, University of Manchester
  • Jody Aked, a nef Wellbeing Consultant
  • John Davies, Derwent London
  • Richard Lupo, Sustainable Homes Ltd
  • Andrew Scoones, ngenuity Ltd
  • Richard Francis, Gardiner & Theobald
  • Elina Grigoriou, Grigoriou Interiors
  • Ziona Strelitz, ZZA Responsive User Environments
  • Joe Cilia, Association of Interior Specialists
  • Lynne Sullivan, Sustainable by design
  • Elanor Warwick, Affinity Sutton
  • James Pickard, Director, Cartwright Pickard
  • Michael Stych, Director, Arup
  • Mark Allen, Head of Technical, Saint-Gobain UK &Ireland
  • Tracy Butterworth, Handstand People
  • Lily Bernheimer, Sarah Hewitt, Clara F. M. Weber, University of Surrey
  • George Mackerron, University of Sussex and LSE’s Grantham Research Institute
  • Victoria Hume, Arts Manager, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and Chair of London Arts in Health Forum
  • Andrew Parkin, Cundall Acoustics

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