Angeliki, has always had a passion for business. As Commercial Director, her main focus is on the management and development of the practice while maintaining a close working relationship with all projects.

This dual role ensures the alignment of sustainable business practice and professional expertise, which was recognised when she was selected for the Goldman Sachs Small Business Programme and the Innovation for Growth Programme by the British Library.

Previously, she has been Chair of Young Entrepreneurs in Property.

More about Angeliki…

Our parents started their own businesses, as did our grandparents on both sides, so embarking on our own entrepreneurial venture seemed like a natural thing to do. As an advocate of sustainability, the work we do gives me the opportunity to actively make a positive difference in the world.”

My secret dream: “I always wanted to be an Olympic athlete but, although I ranked 12th nationally in the under 16s in Greece for sprinting, injuries put a stop to my Olympic dream.”

I was brought up in paradise: “Well, almost! I grew up in Greece in an old stone house on a beautiful beach, with blue shutters and open fireplaces, and a large garden with a mandarin grove.

On having a sister as business partner:We are both determined and passionate, with skills that complement each other. We really love what we do and trust one another implicitly.

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