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Ska Rating EPD ISO 14025

Ska rating Good Practice Measures include as one of the criteria an Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 standard. In basic terms this standard covers the way a product will be reported on by its company. It is aiming to create a standard way of reporting environmental criteria in a consistent manner over the plethora of products, companies and countries of origin. This will ease designers and clients task when they are comparing the environmental performance between two or more similar products.

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Shelter in Place by Zed Nelson

Zed Nelson, a friend and award winning photographer, has created a film documentary called Shelter in Place. He showcased the film for a selected few at a morning screening on Sunday, December 13th at the Soho Curzon cinema. IIf you are interested in finding out about the lives of people without a voice of their own, finding out about further side effects of fossil fuels or seeing a well made film with real characters and great images, then go see it!

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Ecocho is a Yahoo-powered search engine that is working to help fight climate change. For every 1,000 searches made, the company plants two trees. To date, the company has planted more than 7,500 trees and helped neutralize nearly 4,000,000 kilos of CO2. Sustrans (the cycling awareness and promotion charity) have also launched their own search […]

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VW the car manufacturer has launched an initiative aimed at increasing the development of green living ideas. They are using the fun approach as the medium of gaining interest and hopefully easier adoption by innovators and subsequently the public. Some of the ideas are very simple, a little ‘out of the box’ thinking but very […]

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How does the Interior Design of your office directly affect the performance of your staff? Interior Design is used in many commercial businesses to improve the way its users – the staff, visitors and clients – feel while using the space and aims to improve the wellbeing of people in every instance. Over the last […]

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