Rugs on, Rugs off

Our team has lately been fascinated by one particular interior design piece – the good old rug. Not only is the variety of fabrics and patterns endless, but also the craftsmanship behind hand-made pieces is inspiring. We have long moved from the idea that rugs are only suited for hotels or living rooms; we now often see them as part of offices and even patios!

Adding a rug to your interior is a great way to soften and humanise a space, especially workplaces or more public areas such as hotel lounges and spas. They create softer transitions between areas and can also evoke emotional responses in occupants.

The benefits of rugs are numerous:

  • they insulate against cold and can be rolled up for heat;
  • they are ideal for reducing slips and falls and therefore minimising injuries; although trips is also an important consideration and attention must be given to the rug edge finishing and colours;
  • rugs also absorb noise;
  • they are durable and easy to maintain;
  • they add a sense of style to a space that can be changed with less material waste and allow for re-use;
  • they are warm and soft – nobody likes stepping onto a chilly hardwood floor in the morning or a noisy office floor!

We have gathered some of our favourite (of course sustainable) rugs and companies below. We hope you like them as much as we do!



  1. Silaï by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN (wool) [ ]
  2. Brixton in Atlantic by Feizy [ ]
  3. Festival Crewelwork rug by Anthropologie (wool, cotton backing)[ ]
  4. Tree Mist by Tania Johnson (wool and silk) [ ]
  5. Archipelago by ReRagRug (T-shirts) [ ]
  6. Retreat Cascada Rug (wool) [ ]
  7. Finley in Sea Glass by Feizy (wool and bamboo silk) [ ]

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