London Design Festival 2016 – our top picks

We are all excited about this year’s London Design Festival; it spans dozens of locations throughout the city, includes hundreds of exhibits, talks and workshops and has one clear mission: to prove that our city is as ever a hot spot for design. As it kicks off on Saturday (17th), we thought we would share some of our top choices from the festival with you.

Come check out The Circular Building, an installation created just outside our very own office at The Building Centre! Arup have teamed up with The Built Environment Trust, Frener&Reifer and our friends at BAM to discover how we might apply circular economy principles to the design and construction of buildings. Can we design a building where, at the end of its life, all its components and materials are being re-used, re-manufactured or re-cycled? We are looking forward to finding out.

Don’t forget to visit the V&A – the centre of the festival, where you can witness the Kuka robot making a new component for the Elytra Filament Pavilion. Whilst you’re there, drop in to see Silk Leaf as well – the first man-made leaf prototype that converts carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. Stop by and talk to Julian Melchiorri – he has a lot to say about the way we can convert waste and pollution into valuable resources.

There is so much to see at the festival this year that we had a hard time to know where to start from, so we’ve decided to compile a list with all the events, talks and workshops (which we found super exciting and, of course, are also connected to sustainability) that we hope to attend and recommend to our readers to visit. In order to make this a bit easier, we’ve created a map with all our favourite events (including location and dates). You can check it out here:


If you’d like to receive more information or get the full list of events we’ve added to our very own My Festival’s list at the LDF’s web page, please e-mail our colleague Maria Popova at and she would be happy to help.


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