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Over the years in my role as an Interior Designer, I have seen the opportunities of mass production and perceptions of perfection take the upper hand. Clients too lost touch with the process of making through the wider procurement routes adopted on larger commercial interior projects. I believe, for a variety of reasons that are […]

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I am a second year undergraduate, studying Psychology at UCL and have been working as Grigoriou Interiors’ Marketing Intern for the past 7 weeks. Grigoriou Interiors selected me and together we applied for funding from UCL Advances Summer Internship scheme, which we were successful in obtaining. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the construction industry and the huge importance of sustainability and wellbeing within this sector. One of these insightful occasions came when I was invited to sit in on a workshop given by Elina Grigoriou to a group of young people from the Construction Youth Trust (CYT).

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RICS Spons Electrical & Mechanical book includes SKA Rating

A page, in the recent 2015 edition of the RICS mechanical and electrical manual, is devoted to SKA Rating and its product label. RICS have mentioned key developments of SKA Rating, including: Volume certification for the retail scheme allowing clients to assess fit-out activity across their branches; the SKA tool for Higher Education which assists in the assessment of laboratories, lecture spaces and other facilities; and the SKA Product Label which provides a directory for products and materials that are proven to be SKA compliant.

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Ska Rating EPD ISO 14025

Ska rating Good Practice Measures include as one of the criteria an Environmental Product Declaration according to ISO 14025 standard. In basic terms this standard covers the way a product will be reported on by its company. It is aiming to create a standard way of reporting environmental criteria in a consistent manner over the plethora of products, companies and countries of origin. This will ease designers and clients task when they are comparing the environmental performance between two or more similar products.

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Pli Design has produced a number of pieces that comply with the Ska rating criteria and general principles. The Reee chair especially, made from recycled consumer waste derived from one source is a great example of future furniture making. The chain of custody has been retained by a leading brand name console manufacturer (I believe […]

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