Wellbeing in Interiors

On 24th January, Elina Grigoriou, Simon Rubinsohn and Jonathan Schifferes got together to discuss ‘Wellbeing and Economics – How to make strategic value-based decisions’ and these are our takeaways: Simon Rubinsohn, Chief Economist at RICS very honestly opened the session acknowledging that he does not consider himself that knowledgeable on the concept of wellbeing, yet […]

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Elina and I went to another brilliantly organised RICS CEE Property Forum, this time in Vienna. A strong and growing Central & Eastern European property market is the impression we took away again from this event. We were delighted to have been invited to the pre-conference reception on Monday evening at the Hotel Park Royal […]

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Elina and Angeliki Grigoriou visited Bucharest, Romania last week to attend the RICS South-Eastern Europe Property Forum, where Elina delivered a talk on ‘Designing for wellbeing – the next office market trend’. Their key insights from 27 hours in Bucharest are: RICS SEE Property Forum A very well organised and smoothly executed event, diverse and […]

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Over the years in my role as an Interior Designer, I have seen the opportunities of mass production and perceptions of perfection take the upper hand. Clients too lost touch with the process of making through the wider procurement routes adopted on larger commercial interior projects. I believe, for a variety of reasons that are […]

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Working as an interior design intern at Grigoriou Interiors, as well as being a passionate environmentalist myself, are the reasons why it was important for me to focus on the sustainable aspect when visiting this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week. First of all, a massive thanks to the team at ISOMI, who were kind enough to […]

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A tool that has been harnessed by marketing teams for decades and nature for, well, a very long time, is the well established association different colours have with certain psychological reactions. Yet in commercial, education and healthcare facilities, the impact that interior design has on the user is often overlooked and colour use is very much part of this.

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