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Best practise in sustainable interior fit-out and wellbeing is constantly evolving. As active proponents of sustainable design and wellbeing in interiors, we share our knowledge to assist the advancement of best practice in the industry.

We do this by participating in or delivering training programmes, at public speaking engagements, through our involvement in the development of SKA rating and by writing articles on design, sustainability and wellbeing for interior spaces in industry publications.

As sustainability and wellbeing consultants, we are equally happy to work alongside your existing design and project team, advising on alternative solutions and guiding the team to meet your environmental, social and financial goals.

How we can deliver value for you

  • A consultant as part of your project team
  • In-house training
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Events and public speaking
  • Commissioned studies and research

We can advise or provide training on:

  • Designing for wellbeing in interiors
  • Sustainability consulting for interior fit-out
  • Sustainable interior design
  • Best practise in sustainable fit-out
  • Best practise in Design Guides
  • Up-skilling client teams, both internal and external
  • SKA rating

In addition to our core services, we also share our knowledge on a voluntary basis through the Feeling Good Foundation, a not-for profit organisation set up by industry and academia to discover, develop and mainstream knowledge about what enhances wellbeing in the built environment.

If this has sparked your interest, we would be delighted to talk with you about ways to inspire and engage your team or audience. You can give us a ring on 0207 580 0611 or email

The expertise and enthusiasm that the Grigoriou team have about workplace productivity and wellbeing is inspiring. In the presentation to us, their illustration of the design features contributing to productive and enjoyable commercial spaces and the evidence to support the thinking was compelling– it really provoked some ideas within the team about how our clients could integrate these into their refurbishments and fit-out projects.

Upstream Sustainability Services, Jones Lang LaSalle

The SKA presentations made to our leasing and development teams were easy to grasp, on message and focused on the real issues of sustainable fit-out in commercial property. We are now more confident to approach our tenants and start a dialogue around SKA, which will hopefully facilitate a more sustainable approach to fit-out.

John Davies, Sustainability Manager, Derwent london

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