Maria initially joined our team as an intern after completing her BA in Interior Design with honours from Coventry University. She picked up a lot of details about the industry and our company in a very short period of time and quickly became a valuable part of our team.

We know Maria for her diverse interests such as psychology, drawing and photography. She has managed to put her skills and knowledge into practice and has been helping Grigoriou Interiors in all aspects of our work; not only is she involved in our interior design and SKA rating projects, but she also develops our awesome graphics and blog posts. Maria contributes to our work with her analytical, research and visualisation skills, which support decision making, creating user profiles and specifying products for every project. She recently became a qualified SKA rating assessor for the newest scheme, SKA rating for Higher Education!

More about Maria…

“As a child I only had one dream – to learn how to draw. Growing up in a family that believed art is not a profession, it pushed me to find ways and make it happen on my own. I signed up for art and photography classes at a school for underprivileged kids at the age of 15 and had my first exhibition only a few months later. After graduating from high school, I moved to England to study interior design and was one of the top students in my class. In my second year at university, I became passionate about sustainability and wanted to focus solely on that aspect in my future career as a designer. I am extremely grateful to Grigoriou Interiors for giving me the opportunity to be fulfilling this goal of mine. Today, my parents are very proud of the path I’ve chosen.”


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