Office Superwoman

After studying in Germany, Nicole moved to the UK in 2002 to study one year in Durham and gain a BA in Business Administration. She then decided it was time to follow her dream to work in a big city and found her way to London where she started working in the Financial Services Industry. She held a variety of roles including Administration, Event Organisation and lastly Sales with UniCredit.

She then decided to take a different path and joined Grigoriou Interiors in 2014 where she is known as ‘Superwoman’ and is in charge of the office management, including anything from accounting to organising events, social media and any more random tasks.

What does she enjoy outside work?

Nicole is a keen kickboxer, currently holding the Intermediate Red Belt. She has also run a few marathons in the past and has finally won a place for London in 2017; just a shame she hasn’t been running much lately. She also enjoys sewing and cooking and can often be found on a dancefloor on the weekends.

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