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What is SKA rating

SKA rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs, owned and managed by the RICS. It benchmarks the environmental performance of a project, no matter how small or large, and helps determine what elements will have the biggest impact on improving sustainability.

SKA is suitable for the fit-out assessment of both refurbishment and new build projects, and scores environmental good practice irrespective of the base building. There are three live schemes currently: OfficesRetail, and Higher Education which launched in 2016. For any projects that wish to be benchmarked but do not fall under these categories, they can be assessed as a SKA rating Pilot Project.

You can download the Good Practise Measures here: for Offices, for Retail and for Higher Education.

Development Partner & Technical Advisor

Grigoriou Interiors is a SKA rating Development Partner for all schemes. Elina Grigoriou is the SKA Technical Advisor and chairs the SKA Technical Committee which guides the tool’s development. Our involvement in and support of the SKA rating initiative has been instrumental in bringing the system into effect, both in the UK and internationally.

Accredited Assessor

Grigoriou Interiors is a SKA Accredited Assessor for the Office, Retail and Higher Education schemes. This means that, in addition to our design expertise, we are at the heart of the latest industry developments and initiatives relating to sustainability.


Wellbeing Review

Which SKA service is best for you?

As an Accredited Assessor, we offer three levels of service:

  1. Basic SKA Assessment: as part of your project team, we will review the project during the scoping, design and handover stages, complete the relevant sections on the online tool and review the evidence provided. A summary report and Certificate (if achieved) will be issued at completion.
  2. Classic SKA Assessment: this option includes the Basic SKA Assessment together with additional sustainability guidance and answering queries during scoping to increase the project’s probability of achieving a SKA rating.
  3. Going for Gold: this option is suitable for projects aiming to achieve a Silver or Gold rating. In addition to the Classic SKA Assessment, we will support the design team with design solutions to meet target measures, provide material and product knowledge, support the project team to work through waste issues with a ‘Design Out Waste’ workshop, assist with the contractor selection process, provide guidance once on-site and be available for sustainability related queries.

Who is SKA rating for?

While primarily aimed at occupiers, SKA has benefits for other property stakeholders including landlords, developers and consultants. Clients interested in fitting out spaces in an environmentally positive way can use the SKA assessment scheme with our guidance as an Accredited Assessor to:

  • Provide a framework and guidelines to follow good practise and help decision-making
  • Follow a sustainable procurement process
  • Obtain a RICS Certificate if achieved
  • Benchmark the performance of fit-outs against each other and the rest of the industry.

Benefits of SKA

  • By adhering to environmental good practice, occupiers may benefit from reduced operating costs, improved efficiency, energy and carbon savings as well as tax breaks from Enhanced Capital Allowances.
  • The rating can be included in annual reports, CSR reports, environmental policies or tender documentation.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability in the eyes of your customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders.
  • It can inspire employees and attract new recruits who increasingly place a high value on a company’s green credentials, as well as the health and wellbeing benefits.
  • It can assist towards reaching other compliance and environmental benchmarks such as ICA and Green leases.
  • Increased asset value: green buildings and spaces can charge higher rates and achieve better market value.
  • For landlords, SKA can help with marketing buildings and increasing a property’s market value.
For more information or to obtain a quotation for a SKA Assessment, do give us a call on 0207 580 0611 or email us at

We were delighted to achieve a Gold Ska Rating for the fit-out of our new London HQ in February 2015. Elina provided assessment of the project but more important was her advisory capacity. We brought Elina onto the project early on and I would advise the earlier the better. She guided the project team through the Ska Rating process and requirements, helped on aspects of strategy and ran workshops with the contractors. Her on-going advise on aspects such as materials, products and waste was highly valued by the design and fit-out teams. Elina always brought enthusiasm and positivity to the project but also never shied away from asking the difficult questions. Elina certainly delivered on her service promises and provided excellent value for money. I recommend Elina to any team wishing to embed environmental and wellbeing aspects into their fit-out and she is the expert on Ska Rating.”

Alastair Mant, Head of Sustainability and part of the project delivery team for Bilfinger GVA’s London HQ

Grigoriou Interiors assisted us with a SKA rating benchmarking exercise for one of our retail stores. They introduced us to the process and practise of SKA rating, assisted with evidence identification and questions from sub-contractors, explained how SKA rating could reduce environmental impacts on the project, and provided insights and recommendations to take forward. They were encouraging and informative throughout the process and we learnt a lot about SKA and the environmental  impacts of our fit-out process through working with them.”

Max Delplanque, Store Development Project Manager, Oasis 

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