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"[to meet] the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

World Commission on

Environment and Development 1989

“...human development is primarily about being more, not having more.”

The Earth Charter

“ subsystem can expand beyond the capacity of the total system of which it is a part.”

Jonathon Porritt,

environmentalist and author


an introduction to Sustainability

Elina Grigoriou has introduced a new service following industry feedback; short sharp and clear briefing sessions on Sustainability.

What do Cradle to Grave and Cradle to Cradle mean?

What does up-cycling mean and is it relevant to my business?

Does it cost more money to be environmentally friendly?

The briefings include an introduction to the general principles used in the media and interior industry, strategies that can be adopted and examples of practical measures.

The sessions are adaptable and can be as general or as detailed as clients wish and require.

To enquire about date & cost information please email

Call Elina Grigoriou on +44 (0)20 894 69 299 and +44 (0)7974 249097


Ska Rating Development Partner & Assessor

Ska is an environmental benchmarking and rating tool for interior design and fit out projects.

Elina Grigoriou is part of the original Ska Rating Development Committee and is a Development Partner with the RICS who have adopted the system. Additionally as part of the Technical Committee she is heavily involved with the tool’s ongoing development.

Elina is also a Ska Rating Approved Assessor. The first combined Designer and Assessor in the UK enabling her to integrate throughout her designs very high environmental standards and provide official certification.

To enquire about the Ska Rating system and Assessments please email

Call Elina Grigoriou on +44 (0)20 894 69 299 and +44 (0)7974 249097

Interior Design Sustainability Adviser

Elina Grigoriou can be involved in a project as an advisor to improve the environmental performance of the interior and its design. Elina works with the whole design team through workshop meetings and provides specification solutions.

Impact can be made to create and operate a sustainable interior from project inception. The sooner a strategy is created the better, ensuring a time efficient development of the project.

The process involves every individual who comes into contact with the project and future interior; including the Client team, the Design Team, the Contractor, the Facilities and Maintenance staff and the actual users of the space from occupation onwards. Elina works and integrates all the solutions creating a proposal that will sustain itself through use.

Typically we offer the Sustainability advice as part of our Interior Design service. When we are appointed purely as a Sustainability Consultant, our services include:

- Consultation meetings

- Definition of a project strategy

- Full project specifications

To discuss further about this service please

call Elina Grigoriou on +44 (0)20 894 69 299 and +44 (0)7974 249097