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We passionately believe that style and sustainability are mutually inclusive: combining an eye for aesthetics with in-depth sustainability know-how, we design interiors that are both stylish and sustainable. We understand the roles and technical work of other consultants involved in project teams – providing clients with the perfect balance of technical knowledge and design expertise.

At Grigoriou Interiors, sustainability is not an add-on; it is integrated with and impacts the entire decision-making process when designing an interior space. Sustainability is much more than bamboo floors or reducing carbon emissions. We take a floor-to-ceiling approach so that sustainability is integrated into every aspect of a design – from the things you can see, to the things you can’t.

We are a RICS Ska Rating Development Partner for both the Office and Retail schemes, which means that – in addition to our design expertise – we are also at the heart of the latest industry developments and initiatives regarding sustainability. Every design project undertaken by Grigoriou Interiors is assessed using Ska Rating as part of our service.

Our work dispels the myth that truly sustainable interiors cannot be stylish and within budget.  

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Together, we had set out to set a new direction for the company and the industry, embracing sustainability principles in a tangible, credible and measurable way. Mission accomplished. Not only did our presence look fresh, modern and resonated with the customers. Beyond that, Starwood positioned itself as a leader and innovator, again! You have put enormous effort into this and collaborated with our complex organization very well! I want to say thank you and job well done! We learned a lot from you and look forward to more.

Oliver Bonke, SVP | Sales & Marketing EMEA, Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Grigoriou Interiors truly are the best at understanding the requirements and possibilities that come alongside sustainable design. Their knowledge and design capacities are limitless.

Gabriela Hersham, Co-Founder & CEO, Huckletree

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    We passionately believe that style and sustainability are mutually inclusive. Combining an eye for aesthetics with in-depth sustainability know-how, we design interiors that are both stylish and sustainable.

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