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Are you looking for a Designer & Consultant to CHALLENGE current norms?

Your interior space should be a business asset that generates value. Its perception and performance are two of the most impactful and tangible indications to your stakeholders that you are an ethical and sustainable business. We raise pertinent questions on the way your interior space is performing and give you the right questions that need asking internally.

The answers have the power to change your business for good.

Leading sustainable design knowledge and a firm grasp of the circular design process will give you the peace of mind and reassurance that project and personal targets are being achieved while supporting the team and business to do better.

The process is enlightening and fills you with confidence in doing the right thing.

Are you looking for a Designer & Consultant to SUPPORT you and your business to do better?


Are you looking for a Designer & Consultant to INSPIRE you to make the change?


The opportunities for an interior space to be an active contributor to a sustainable business are endless and ever evolving. Together, we have the power to create a highly valuable space, generating a higher ROI and transforming your space from a cost to a valuable asset.

The end-result will offer a truthful demonstration that you are a people and planet centred business, leaving you satisfied that your goals have been accomplished.

Technical Knowledge & Design Expertise.

Grigoriou Interiors was founded in 2010 by two sisters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for sustainable design. It is one of London’s most forward-thinking design studios, with particular expertise in design for commercial spaces.

We passionately believe that style and sustainability are mutually inclusive: combining an eye for aesthetics with in-depth sustainability know-how, we design interiors that are stylish and look after people as well as the environment.

Unusually for interior designers, we understand the roles and technical work of other consultants involved in project teams – providing clients with the perfect balance of technical knowledge and design expertise.

Interior Design

Truly sustainable interiors can be stylish and within budget..


People and place can thrive together like never before. 


The technical expertise leading best practice in design & delivery.


Promoting design innovation, we help our clients achieve sustainable personal, social and corporate growth. Here is a sample of clients with whom we are proud to have worked with.
Marks & Spencer
Avison Young
Museum of Happiness
Derwent London
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