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The Best Places to Find EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data on a product or services’ environmental performance, from a lifecycle perspective. These are key tools for modern-day designers and specifiers wishing to create beautiful and environmentally friendly interiors.

Where can I find them?

From our years developing our sustainable design skills and resources, we know that it can take up a lot of time hunting for EPDs online and affect the progress of sustainable projects long term. Over many years, we have curated a valuable list of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) database sites, and are sharing it here to help you and your design team colleagues search for products and materials more easily.

Suggested links

Please share this list as widely as you can with clients, designers, architects, contractors and other project consultants who may find this beneficial. Also, please do let us know when you see one missing for us to add and expand. Happy hunting, and design sustainably!



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