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We are hiring – June 2024

We are looking for a purpose driven person to join our team at Grigoriou Interiors. We are

Why are user profiles important within interior design?

Understanding the impacts on occupants' wellbeing is important and part of the clarity sought on

What is design for wellbeing?

What does design for wellbeing actually mean? Design for wellbeing focuses on creating spaces


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How sustainable is your Christmas tree? (Updated for 2023)

We were wondering this very thing, so in 2022 we decided to do our own research into the carbon

How does circularity support net zero?

To gain a broader understanding of the important role that Circular Economy and Circular Design

How sustainable is your Christmas tree?

Have you ever wondered how sustainable your Christmas tree choice is? We were wondering this very

Wellbeing & hybrid working at Grigoriou Interiors

We are preparing to issue our first annual company report early next year (2023), and as per our

Designing for lower carbon

“Design is a force for change” (Ellen MacArthur, 2022) [Se1]  We certainly believe in this

Leather, variations of it, and sustainable choices

At some point in everyone’s life, it is highly likely that one might own some object made with a

Circularity Glossary

The circular economy requires a systemic change, a process of thinking through the

Net Zero Design & Circularity at the V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum has committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2035. This

What is a LCA?

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a standardised framework that governs how we measure the

The Best Places to Find EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports objective, comparable and third-party verified


Harmony is an important consideration in the design of an interior. The way in which the elements

What is Beauty?

Beauty is an experience, it is not the property of an object. We may find beauty anywhere. We can

Net Zero Carbon Glossary

Net Zero Whole Life Carbon The sum total of all asset (building/interior) related GHG

Circularity: Circular Economy & Circular Design

If you are ready to take action today to reduce your carbon emissions and broader environmental

Net Zero Carbon Targets

Diagram referenced from LETI reports If you already know what is at stake with the global

What is an EPD?

If you are looking to learn more about Net Zero, a great place to start is understanding EPDs and

Case Study: Working from Home Consultation – Dan’s experience

This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to

Case Study: Working from Home Consultation – Liz’ experience

This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to

How to Approach Stimulation when Designing an Interior

When we are designing an interior, we consider the type of tasks that will be performed in that

Case Study: Working from Home Consultation – Nikki’s experience

This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to

Case Study: Working from Home Consultation – Hannah’s experience

This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to

Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action, seems like a big one! What can one person or one

Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education

At Grigoriou Interiors we strongly believe that Quality Education should be available to

Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do at Grigoriou Interiors, this is why we have chosen to

GI targets new Sustainable Development Goals

Back in 2017 we contributed to the 100% Design conference, speaking and raising awareness of

Urban Green Conference: Climate, Equity & Health

I recently tuned into a New York City Urban Green webinar discussing climate change and its effect

3 pillars of sustainability & their relationship to wellbeing

I catch myself saying it; using the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellbeing’ separately as

University of Helsinki – becoming ‘a better place’

We are working on a project for the University of Helsinki, in collaboration with Jaana Tarma

Should staff have their wellbeing supported?

With wellbeing becoming an issue more and more talked about also in the workplace, we were

Ethics and the Power of Design

I was flying back to London from Athens this spring and flicked through the airline’s online

AI and fields of camomile

After a very long time, the memory came back: delicate camomile flowers growing in the middle of

Hierarchy of interior features on occupant wellbeing

During research for Elina’s book “Wellbeing in Interiors” (RIBA Publishing), and the

Takeaways – New York Wellbeing Workshop – Feb 2018

In January, our New York based colleague Amy attended the ‘Thriving: Health in the Built

Elina’s January 15km Swim Pledge – What was it really like?

As Elina achieved her goal to swim 15km throughout January and raised just over £6,000 so

Takeaways – Wellbeing & Economics Event (Jan 2018)

On 24th January, Elina Grigoriou, Simon Rubinsohn and Jonathan Schifferes got together to discuss

100% Design – How can design fight climate change?

We invited a friend and fellow design enthusiast Andrew

Elina Grigoriou awarded RICS Honour

We are so proud to announce that Elina Grigoriou was elected an Honorary Member of The

Takeaways – RICS CEE Property Forum, Vienna (Sept 2017)

Elina and I went to another brilliantly organised RICS CEE Property Forum, this time in Vienna. A

SKA Higher Education Scheme Launch

Strong growth and greater familiarity of sustainable practice within the interior fit-out arena

RICS SEE Property Forum, Bucharest – Takeaways

Elina and Angeliki Grigoriou visited Bucharest, Romania last week to attend

Modern again – Sustainability for a mid-century legacy

New York is a sea of buildings; there are almost a million of them in an area of little more than

‘a better place’

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming a number of clients and industry partners to the

How the colours you choose affect how people perform

A tool that has been harnessed by marketing teams for decades and nature for, well, a very long

Design concept workshop for Construction Youth Trust

I am a second year undergraduate, studying Psychology at UCL and have been working as

First SKA rating Gold rating for Grigoriou Interiors

Gresham Street, London was selected to become the new state-of-the-art London HQ for Bilfinger

Design for Wellbeing Optimising Outcomes for Occupants

The future of the built environment lies on the wellbeing of the people who occupy them. This

Interview with Elina at Portfolio FM conference in Budapest

What is SKA rating and what does ‘SKA’ stand for? SKA rating is a name, not an

Grigoriou Interiors to judge GBH Competition at Eden Project

Amid the iconic Eden Project quarry, another pioneering green building project is underway, and

First SKA Compliant Products published on RICS website! 

The first interior fit-out products and materials, assessed by Grigoriou Interiors on behalf of

World Green Building Council – Research Notes

In the past few years Grigoriou Interiors has been part of a concerted effort amongst

Huckletree – Our latest design project

We are delighted to introduce our latest project, Huckletree – a sustainable shared workspace in

SKA Product Compliant Label

We are pleased to announce that the RICS Ska Product Compliant Label certification has

World Green Building Council Project

The WorldGBC via the UKGBC invited Grigoriou Interiors to contribute to the “Health, wellbeing

Occupant Wellbeing in Workspaces

Principles of wellbeing were integrated in our design of the newly launched Huckletree in

Interiors Luxury & Sustainability: Green Without Compromise

Once upon a time there was a world where Luxury and Sustainability were considered separate from

Acoustic Quality of Interior Spaces

One of the many missed out or underused features of interiors is the quality of their sound. We

Targeting & Achieving Occupant Wellbeing in Interior Design

We all love well designed, comfortable and impressive interiors; this is an assumption I’m going

Building’s Top 50 Rising Sustainability Stars – Elina Grigoriou

Elina was nominated and included as one of the top 50 rising stars of Sustainability. The Article

Materials: Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

There is a very good effort by some manufacturers to improve the environmental performance of the

WRAP Announces Zero Waste Policy for Scotland!

WRAP, the Waste & Resources Action Programme and the UK’s leading organisation for

Design Strategy for a Successful Office

How does the Interior Design of your office directly affect the performance of your staff?

Introduction to Sustainability

The 3 Pillars of Sustainability There are many interpretations of the words Sustainability and

How to Design and Operate a ‘Green’ Office

by Elina Grigoriou | Blog How to Design and Operate a ‘Green’

New Environmental Benchmarking & Assessment Tool

November is the month that sees the full launch of Ska Rating the new environmental benchmarking