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Reee thumbnailPli Design has produced a number of pieces that comply with the Ska rating criteria and general principles.

The Reee chair especially, made from recycled consumer waste derived from one source is a great example of future furniture making. The chain of custody has been retained by a leading brand name console manufacturer (I believe it was Sony) of their superseded play stations and then this is re-use to create another completely different object!

Every electrical supplier, cycle manufacturer, accessory supplier etc. could apply this same exact chain of custody principle which would theoretically result in higher quality recycled materials and the ongoing recyclability of those.

According to Pli Design; thought, consideration and responsibility has been put into the whole production life cycle as well as the product’s. This is a great principle of corporate responsibility and may it be followed by the whole industry.

Reee thumbnail 2 thumbnail_Reee mixed colours

Pli Design was exhibiting at 100% Design in London and this is their website for more information.


The Ska rating Good Practice Measure M20 Chairs states under Criteria the following:

All task and visitor chairs used in the fit-out meet at least one of the following criteria:

• are reused;

• if new, are manufactured with at least 80% recycled content and recyclable content;

• are supplied with an environmental product declaration, written in accordance with ISO 14025 standards; or

• have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.