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VW the car manufacturer has launched an initiative aimed at increasing the development of green living ideas. They are using the fun approach as the medium of gaining interest and hopefully easier adoption by innovators and subsequently the public.

Some of the ideas are very simple, a little ‘out of the box’ thinking but very effective. As seen in the movie clips, user behaviour speaks louder than any words or statistics.

How can we use such a sustainable thinking approach to encourage designers, suppliers and clients of alternative solutions to current challenges relating to interior design? How can we find solutions that don’t feel like solutions but new ways of living that encompass all the principles of sustainable living?

You can view the current ideas here. Enjoy!

Some of the issues that could be given the Fun Theory refurb are:

  • Stationery stocking, consumption and disposal
  • Coffee shop take away cups
  • Cycling to work – wet shower towels and clothes
  • Water use from tea points and staff/gym showers and pools
  • Fruit and biscuit supplies for meetings

Can you add to this list or share solutions with everyone?