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This September I attended a full day of talks at the Design Council during Design Week.  The issues were focusing on sustainability and the influence we have as designers. The areas covered ranged from fasion and travel to product and environment design. Needles to say it was very interesting, provocative, challenging, and stimulating.

Throughout the day I made notes on issues discussed or ideas that sprung from conversations been had. I will not edit them as I think they have more energy in there note form. I hope you find them interesting and most importantly attend yourselves next year!

Elina Grigoriou’s notes on Greengaged, Design With Intent:

  • We must re-brand Sustainability. How do we start doing that?
  • Travel, fashion…Nice to haves??
  • Worn again products
  • Up-cycling v recycling. They haven’t quite got it!
  • Wardrobe surgery – talk to my girlfriends to have surgeries of eachothers wardrobes. How far can this idea be taken into other areas of life? Interior surgeries??
  • Personal connection with a product
  • “Class is never out of fashion” Coco Chanel
  • Fashion Futures
  • Travel Life Scheme – awards to hotels and travel
  • ‘Rough guides to clean brakes’ by Richard Hammond
  • International Tourism Partnership
  • Talk about Prototyping, speak out about it (initiatives in green design) as individuals to help create change and feel proud about it, about the effort, the change and speerheading the ‘movement’. (word movement sounds bad=unsocial=unfriendly)
  • Man’s fascination with ‘virgin’ product. Can we change or is it ingrained and part of our natural choice pattern? We naturally want to ‘do better’, ‘higher value’ – is a virgin product in our perseprtion a product of higher value than a used one but totally unused?
  • UN Environment Programme
  • Be a ‘patron’ of what you are doing
  • Do the green thing.com
  • Don’t fight it – (just) do it better
  • I shop therefore I am
  • Positive slow-ness engaged and accepted
  • Find new solutions to new ‘needs’. Existing ‘needs’ will only be covered by existing solutions.
  • We need to do more thinking and less spending.
  • Imagine the good, utopian outcome to know where we are going. How can we motivate ourselves and sustain our energy/motivation if all we focus on is negatives and the current status? Let’s start dreaming (as in creating in our minds visions of the future not sleeping inactive dreams) of our outcome.
  • Barriers to overcome…
  • How do you reconcile so many diverse communities with an international problem?
  • Create individual cosmologies! What happens in the house?
  • Local cosmologies for international problems.
  • Schools: pupils to produce their own fruit and veg
  • How do we re-invent the person brand?
  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  • www.schoolofeverything.com
  • London Cycling Company > repair cycles for free
  • www.sweeshing.com
  • How do you connect restaurants with clients on sustainability?
  • Green hush: the social movement of people not talking about green things.
  • My name is Elina and I love Green