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Chapman Ventilation is a specialist design and build ventilation and air conditioning company, working entirely in the leisure and fine dining sectors.  Recently they have created an energy saving operating system, which in broad terms does the following:

  1. Cuts Restaurant energy costs by 20%
  2. Pays for itself between 9 and 18 months
  3. Can be retrospectively fitted in any existing restaurant – using wireless technology

Other advantages are that the client can claim Enhanced Capital Allowances for the total installation cost, the system can be commissioned immediately, it can be adjusted as quickly and as frequently as required by the operator and it reduces the company’s carbon footprint.

Elina Grigoriou Interiors has not yet tested this system on a project but the product’s principles tie in with solutions required under Ska rating criteria.

If you wish to find out more on this system Chapman Ventilation’s contact details are: 01707 372858 or energy@chapmanventilation.co.uk

How it works:

• Ensures everything that can be is shut down when not in use

• Limits when plant and equipment can be turned on – removes staff intervention

• Monitors occupancy levels to match lighting, heating and ventilation

• Fridge and freezer temperature monitoring (door open = increased costs)

The table below, by Chapman Ventilation shows the return timescale and savings

Year Expenditure Energy Saving average Benefit
Year 1 £ 9,100 £ 12,933 £ 3,833
Year 2 £ 600 £ 12,933 £ 12,333
Year 3 £ 600 £ 12,933 £ 12,333
And Thereafter £ 600 £ 12,933 £ 12,333