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Hello reader,

This is a warning; my cat Merlin will appear on many posts!

Merlin profile imageHe is 3 years old, a real hunter and most of all he is loved… a lot!

Some facts on him; he loves tuna, he sits in the warm sunlight as it warms his fur, he growls like a dog when the postman comes, has a set routine when its bed time, lost a fang in a fight, only drinks water from a running tap, loves milk and playing games all day!

When I say he is a hunter I really mean it; he brings in a mouse approximately every 2-3 nights!! I have been meaning to keep a record of how many so this will start now.

You may be re-assured to know that I usually catch them alive and let them out again – I suspect for him only to catch again! Apart from mice he has also brought in 1no black bird, 2no pigeons, 2no small brown birds, 1no baby bird with blue feathers, and lots and lots of mice…

He may stop now that he knows (because I told him of course!) I am starting to keep count!!

The list starts with a catch two nights ago of a big fat mouse!

Merlin’s Hunting Stats

26.10.2009 – 1no mouse, fat

15.11.2009 – 1no mouse, medium…

25.11.2009 – 1no mouse, medium, rolled over and died (poor thing…)

15.03.2010 – 1no …what looked like a baby rat!

30.03.2010 – 1no very jumpy mouse! A large fighter that reminded me of Tigger! He made it out alive…

10.04.2010 – 1no mouse, a little dazed made it out alive

04.05.2010 – 1no baby mouse…chewed and gone gone gone…

05.05.2010 – 1no adult mouse, a little runner! and 1no baby mouse cleaned its paws during the chase! both made it our alive but Merlin got a serious telling off for getting me out of bed twice in the middle of the night!!

Just for your information; all these catches are in the middle of the night, usually just after bedtime and just before falling into deep sleep… Guess how great I feel the next day!! Anyway, of course, poor mice…

10.05.2010 – 1no grown mouse, dead, under the loo…Merlin then played football across the bathroom floor!! Yuck!! Bad enough to make me look under the loo since then just in case! Can spring happen without all this ‘activity’?!

15.05.2010 – 1no ‘teenage’ mouse, easy catch and out!

16.05.2010 – 1no medium mouse – THE FASTER MOVER I (AND MERLIN) HAVE EVER SEEN! It got away needles to say and I had to go to bed knowing I had a loose mouse in the house… Not happy at all!! We caught it the next day and I let it out. It was hiding behind the bookcase…

28.05.2010 – 3no baby birds – 2 went to heaven before i got to them the third I placed near some bird feed in the garden. You never know and nature may be kind…

05.06.2010 – 2no baby birds gone to heaven and 1no adult bird joined them too… Very angry with Merlin’s behaviour so really got on his case on these. Let’s see if he at least stops the baby birds!

20.06.2010 – 1no adult bird and 2 no baby birds… the adult made it the babes didn’t…

25.06.2010 – one small mouse, quite long and fast but caught it and let it out safely!

02.06.2010 – one frog!! Yes a new catch, which i was very surprised to see. I went to go and pick it up in the twilight and held back just in case… very glad i did imagine if i touched the slimy surface instead of feathery! anyway, from made it out safely!

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