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A new award was introduced this year at the industry Mixology Awards 2010 recognising the sustainable efforts in commercial Interior Design projects. The award was sponsored by Antron and judges were moi! Elina Grigoriou and Annabelle Filer of SCIN.

Harwinder Bharma of Antron and our table’s lovely  host for the night announced the winner as Max Bentheim for Scarlet Hotel in the UK. The project, although it did not follow any standard industry measurements, had proved great efforts in every aspect of its delivery. The whole approach to the Interior Design proved that sustainbility had been considered in the design stage, construction and through the provisions that had been offered to the client for their operation. I was initially reserved on its merit but once I delved deeper into all the efforts the team had made and that were passionately itemised by Annabelle it became clear that they did deserve to win this great award!

This new award will demonstrate how great interior design, luxury and sustainability can coexist to outstanding results. And let’s not forget that good design is responsible design and that can only be ‘collected’ once the client is using the space and it performs as necessary and reduces its impact on the surrounding and greater world.

Ska rating was also mentioned during the awards with highlights the nomination of the npower Swindon Gold rating project and my mention as a judge of the aforementioned award. Good to get it seen and talked about in the lights!

What a great start to many more exciting years of industry development!


The great night was topped off when my co-judge Annabelle Filer was awarded the Personality of The Year Award! Very appropriately awarded and what a great surprise to the evening! Dark photo of Annabelle with award clutched in hand!

And the last thought is derived from my last conversation of the evening with Henry Pugh, Mix interiors publisher and personality populair; who on reflecting over the projects being submitted recently sees a relative lack of differentiation in design style. As I was aware of all the projects he was referring to I could not agree with him more and would like to encourage more and more designers and clients to be brave and create interiors with personality and diverse thinking. Let’s not make a mould and repeat one thing that has worked yesterday; let’s create something new and better to celebrate today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

‘Till next year…