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I came across Lemn Sissay’s work at the Royal Academy of Arts recent exhibition Earth. His work on display was an audio visual of him and a few musicians presenting his poem ‘What If?‘. It was a brilliant piece of art and the message is simple, clear and powerful. It seemed to hit on the head the challenge of our current thinking required to re-align how we approach our work, lifestyle and general thinking of our world. I highly recommend the exhibition as a whole!

Further of Lemn Sissay’s work can be found on his website Lemn Sissay.

Lemn Sissay busesLarge

On his workshops…

“The saying goes “a bad workman blames his tools”. A bad writer does not blame his tools – that’s the whole point. He blames the publisher that won’t publish him, the venue that won’t hear his genius work, anything and anyone – including himself – but the tools. And therefore I can never teach anyone to write.”

Invisible kisses


If there was ever one
Who can offer you this and more;
Who in keyless rooms
Can open doors;
Who in open doors
Can see open fields
And in open fields
See harvests yield.


I hope you enjoy his work at least as much as I have!