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Following some recent queries from product suppliers and manufacturers it has become apparent that there is some confusion in the market arising with the terminology used for products/materials that comply with the Ska Rating Criteria.

The following instances are applicable and can be stated:

  • A product or material COMPLIES with Ska Rating Criteria (or one of them if there are multiple options) or,
  • A product or material MEETS the Ska Rating Criteria.

The only ‘thing’ that achieves a Ska Rating is the whole project.

In both examples the sector and version of the tools must be included as criteria are updated between versions. So if a product was compliant in Offices v1.0 and the GPM has been updated in v1.1 it could then be out of date for the later and would be missinforming audiences.

The RICS and Ska Rating Committees are in discussions with some parties who are looking to develop a product directory which will hold Ska Rating compliant products and materials. These may hold some kind of symbol for ease of identification but will never be Ska rated as this term is only applicable to the whole project.