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Last month the RICS launched a new environmental rating system called Ska rating. It has been developed by a mixed committee from the property industry, including myself Elina Grigoriou.


Ska rating development partner

Ska Rating helps organizations achieve more sustainable fit-outs. Anyone designing and fitting out an office in a more environmentally sustainable way can use the method to:

  • Carry out an informal self-assessment of the environmental performance of a fit-out;
  • Commission a quality assured assessment and certificate from an RICS accredited Ska assessor;
  • Obtain clear guidance on good practice in fit-out and how to implement it;
  • Benchmark the performance of fit outs against each other and the rest of the industry

What are the benefits of using Ska Rating?

Ska Rating will help clients, consultants and contractors make informed decisions about fit out projects in the context of the growing importance of sustainability on the corporate agenda and a burgeoning statute book. It is designed to be of particular use for occupiers but has benefits for other property stakeholders including landlords, developers, consultants, fit out contractors and the supply chain.

No matter what your starting point a Ska Rating will enable you to measure 100% of the environmental performance of an office fit-out. Since Ska Rating does not consider the base build it measures only what you do to add value to your property. Key aspects of the rating system are:

  • Flexible scoping – match the rating to the scope of the fit-out
  • Easy to use online tool www.ska-rating.com
  • A label that is clear and easy to understand: Bronze, Silver Gold plus % score.
  • Formal quality assured scheme for those who require a certificate

Good practice and guidance

Ska Rating comprises 99 good practice measures across Energy & CO2, Waste, Water, Pollution, Transport, Materials and Wellbeing. E.g. when wooden flooring is stripped out it should be sent for re-use to a salvage yard instead to landfill. For a complete list of measures refer to the Good Practice Guidance section

If you require further information on the system or to have a project certified please contact Elina Grigoriou Interiors and we will e happy to assist. www.elina.grigoriou.co.uk

Awards and recognition

Winner: CoreNet Global, Industry Excellence Award 2009 (Leadership and Strategy)

Paul Harrington, President of CoreNet Global’s UK Chapter and Real Estate Director at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, commented, “It is great to see a UK project do so well in the global Industry Excellence Awards, and CoreNet Global’s UK Chapter is delighted to have nominated Skansen and RICS for focusing attention on a sustainable approach and measure for fit out projects.”

Winner: CoreNet Global UK, Land Securities Trillium Award 2008 (Sustainability)

Robin Harris, Como, Mace Group (immediate past President of CoreNet Global UK) commented “The innovation is important as it specifically measures the environmental impact of fit-out projects, which will help both big and small companies improve their environmental performance and ultimately their bottom line. Skansen is now working with RICS to refine and launch the system to the industry, which is a commendable achievement.”

Finalist: Construction News Quality Awards, 2009 (Sustainability)

Shortlisted: Association of Interior Specialists, Eco Innovation award, 2009