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ghyA page, in the recent 2015 edition of the RICS mechanical and electrical manual, is devoted to SKA Rating and its product label. RICS have mentioned key developments of SKA Rating, including: Volume certification for the retail scheme allowing clients to assess fit-out activity across their branches; the SKA tool for Higher Education which assists in the assessment of laboratories, lecture spaces and other facilities; and the SKA Product Label which provides a directory for products and materials that are proven to be SKA compliant. The piece finishes with a lovely conclusion about the achievement of SKA Rating:

“It has been a great success story to date and has helped to promote sustainable good practise in fit-out and refurbishment projects. It can provide tangible and reputational benefits to occupiers and other property stake-holders and the ultimate aim of SKA is to get it widely adopted to the point that it is embedded in all projects as part of the established process.”

The majority of key individuals within the industry read the manual to see what rate products have in the market. Therefore, the inclusion of SKA label in this manual makes it more known to the individuals in the industry who have a demand for the products. The mechanical and electrical consultants who make decisions about what products to use within a build are beginning to fully recognise the SKA label. They will be looking out for this label to assist in finding SKA compliant products to use in builds aspiring for a SKA Rating.

The SKA Compliant Label allows products to get a certification for their good environmental performance. This is beneficial to manufacturers, as decision makers will look specifically at the directory of products within the label to find products that meet their requirements. Therefore, having a SKA compliant label advertises the good practises of your product to potential clients.

The SKA Compliant Product list can be found here:


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The growing importance of obtaining a SKA Compliant Label for a product is evident. We are now getting increasingly more products joining the SKA Label. The recent additions to the label include:

Less Chair by Lessmore


Johnstones Trade Vinyl Sheen by PPG Architectural Coatings