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“I absolutely promise that I will do the Green Thing or may my soul frazzle to a crisp in a globally super-warmed hell of my own making.

susie-baby-jerseyThat is what you must shout out from the top of a roof once you have joined the Green Thing. Well, not literally but the message contained encapsulates one’s overall interest and activity in the area if you have signed up.

The Green Thing is a site that promotes mostly through user contribution, ideas to live a greener life. It is funny, clever and entertaining and gets the right positive yet strong message across by the third video. It gives some really clever ideas and inspires us to think more and do more ourselves. A great site and I hope it becomes a hit!

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The Green Thing also won an award at the 2009 Green Awards, which recognise the impact media have on the issue of Sustainability – Congratulations!