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Some aim for a Porsche before they are 30, I aimed a little differently by completing a Marathon.

It’s the eve of another London Marathon and I’m getting all passionate again thinking of what it takes for someone to do one. It brings back all the memories of the relentless training in the dark and the wet; all the memories from the route during the actual run and the feeling of achievement I carry with me ever since. My run was on April 22, 2007 and i finished in (a very slow) 5:32:54.

There is no way training for a marathon is easy work, and I would personally say that it is 50% of the difficulty in taking such a ‘golgotha’ on! Training for the London race means you are out in the winter cold mornings, rainy evenings in the dark, muddy parks and spend a lot of hours alone.

The actual Marathon day is overall amazing and unforgettable. I have so many memories from the starting line all the way returning back home. The weather in 2007 was very hot and a stark contrast to the weather I had been training in so didn’t deal with it well at all. Apparently Haile Gebrselassie (famous pro marathon runner) quit at 19 miles due to the heat… true or not it makes me feel much better!!

Highlights were:

– Kids high fiving me in a row beside the road

– A fire engine spaying me water from across the road (ipod death but personal bliss!)

– The passion of all the supporters

– My family for being a rock(ing) support

– My little sister telling me I was a success at the end because I had achieved something I aimed for

– A couple sharing a kiss in front of me just before they crossed the finishing line

– Travelling for free on the underground by showing staff my medal (very very cool!!)

– Raised around £2500 for Oxfam!

I can’t express enough how good it feels to have this achievement under my belt and highly recommend to all of you to aim for, work hard and achieve one of your own.

I dedicated my run to my father Hippocrates Emmanuel Grigoriou who died 3 weeks before my run and I know was very proud of me doing it.

All my best wishes to the runners tomorrow and… may the force and crowds be with you!!!


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