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Elina Grigoriou awarded RICS Honour

Elina HonsRICS

We are so proud to announce that Elina Grigoriou was elected an Honorary Member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in recognition for all her dedication and work promoting sustainability in the property sector and specifically the continuous development of SKA rating over the past 10 years. Amanda Clack, President of RICS presented Elina with the diploma at a special ceremony at RICS’s Parliament Square offices yesterday evening.

In Elina’s own words:

“It is an honour to be presented with a diploma by Amanda and joined by my sister and mum too – a really fabulous evening! I could not have earned this without my team’s support (Angeliki, Nicole, Amy and Maria) and the large number of industry partners I am very lucky to work with. It may ‘just’ be a diploma but it is the possibilities it opens up to further influence industry and society where the value really is.”



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