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Grigoriou Interiors to judge GBH Competition at Eden Project

Amid the iconic Eden Project quarry, another pioneering green building project is underway, and Grigoriou Interiors are excited to announce their role!

Named the ‘Green Build Hub’ but also known as the ‘Living Laboratory’, the building is to become the new home of the Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust (CBST), a charity that gives advice, guidance and training in the understanding and skills needed to build sustainably in Cornwall. The Hub is being constructed with a library of innovative eco-build products, providing specialist suppliers with a real-build platform to showcase and test products, as well as providing a distinctive training and educational centre.

In keeping with the innovative project nature, CBST have taken a fresh approach towards finding a fit-out solution: “Space – The final Fit-Out Competition”. The competition is designed to encourage designers to create a ‘Novel, Sustainable, Affordable, Solution’ : an innovative, closed loop fit-out for £25,000. Designers must focus on creating a healthy, organic environment for all occupants whilst utilising suitable materials, such as Cradle2Cradle, recycled or low-impact.

That all sounds right up Grigoriou Interiors’ alleyway, so we are pleased to announce Elina will be contributing her time and experience as Lead Partner Designer, assisting the winning team with practical issues. She will also sit on the judging panel alongside the esteemed Sir Tim Smit, KBE Executive and Co-Founder of Eden, and Lord Matthew Taylor, Patron of CBST.

The competition is already underway and concept schemes are already in development. Design team submissions will be exhibited at CBST’s Spring Supper at the Eden Gallery and shortlisted finalists then face a challenging deadline to complete and present their final solutions in May. The winner will be presented at ‘Green Build Cornwall’ at the end of May, and the design commissioned, made and installed in time for the official Green Build Hub opening later in the summer!

You can follow the competition and Green Build Hub news on twitter @CSBT2020 and see a live web-cam of the building here.



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