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Huckletree – Our latest design project

We are delighted to introduce our latest project, Huckletree – a sustainable shared workspace in Clerkenwell, founded by Gabriela Hersham and Alex Vaskevitch.

Our input from a very early stage was instrumental in introducing the aesthetic and environmental principles and practise that form the core of brand ‘Huckletree’ today.
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Huckletree team who have responded to the urgent need for more eco-awareness to a new market of professionals with a true commitment to sustainability. As a result, they are one of the pioneers of sustainable design within the shared workspace sector and achieved Ska Rating certification.
Design Concept

We developed a brand concept which reflects a space suitable for dynamic, entrepreneurial, friendly and internationally minded professionals. The scheme’s concept is developed to meet the needs of this market, to enhance their productivity and enjoyment while working.

The illustrations were made by illustrator Elliott Quince to integrate the Huckletree etiquette and guide Members to get the maximum out of their workplace while considering the environment and their co-workers.

Environmentally Friendly

The design incorporates sustainable and recycled materials with considered environmental impacts, including: recycled content, 3rd party certification and reduced chemical content.

A number of Cradle to Cradle companies and products have been used such as upholstery by Climatex, furniture from Ahrend, carpets by Shaw Contract Group and reclaimed shades from Greypants (via e-side).

Some of the re-used materials come from film productions including 47 Ronin, Fast & Furious 6 and the BBC drama The Hour which have been sourced and re-designed to suit their new purpose by the very talented and innovative team at drèsd. [add metro cutting of coverage]

Occupant Wellbeing

Huckletree’s space is designed with productivity and creativity in mind, enabling its Members to reach a higher sense of wellbeing while at work. Our design, colours, layout and artwork have been carefully considered according to our expert knowledge and collaboration with environmental psychologists.

Huckletree opened its doors in Clerkenwell on 1st April. For more information please visit:

 “Grigoriou Interiors truly are the best at understanding the requirements and possibilities that come alongside sustainable design. Their knowledge and design capacities are limitless.”

Gabriela Hersham, Co-Founder & CEO


Services provided by Grigoriou Interiors included:

Creation of Design Concept
Sustainable Interior Design
Ska Rating Assessment



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