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Interior Design

All you need to know about our various Interior Design services

​Design is a tool. It’s also a process. Ultimately, it depicts and enables a way of life.

Good design is about stepping back and re-assessing an area of our everyday life that greatly influences us and directly impacts the direction we take: our spaces.

We work with you to create spaces that enable real wealth: that foster rich relationships, are considerate of the natural environment and promote financial prosperity.

Sustainable thinking is not an add-on; it is integrated with and impacts the entire decision-making process when we design an interior space. 

As sustainable interior designers, we:

  • put people at the centre of the project and understand what they need from a space to allow them to perform to the best of their ability
  • passionately believe that style and sustainability are mutually inclusive
  • integrate sustainable decision making into every aspect of a design project – from floor to ceiling, from the things one can see to the things one can’t, from concept to delivery and post occupancy evaluation
  • look at where materials and products come from and where they will go once the space changes or is redundant
  • consider the goals against which to measure the success and performance of a space: personal ambitions or corporate Key Performance Indicators

We transform your space from a cost to an asset, from a house to a home, from a space to a place.

Our Services

A workplace is part of the ‘equipment bundle’ companies provide employees, in order to deliver their work. People and workplace have a dynamic relationship. In a knowledge-based economy, businesses are relying on the cognitive and emotional aspects of human beings for optimum performance. For employees to perform well, the business needs to provide appropriate ‘equipment’ for the respective roles.

We work together with you and your employees to deliver the most appropriate business environment for your staff and business to thrive in.

Your workplace is a business asset that can offer valuable returns and belongs on the Business Performance or Strategic Report. We support you to get it there, sustainably.

More about our work on designing sustainable workplaces

A sustainably designed workplace improves your employees’ wellbeing, motivation and productivity, while enhancing the visitor experience for your clients and strategic partners. How employees and clients feel in a workplace has a direct link to productivity and sales.

Have you ever thought …

  •       What impact will a 5% increase in employee productivity have on my company’s financial performance?
  •       Does the design of our workplace measurably support the achievement of our business KPIs?
  •       Can sustainable interior design lead to efficient operating costs and added brand value? 

With our market-leading expertise in sustainable interior design, we can help you to maximise these returns by creating a workplace environment that supports your people and your business to perform and grow.

Blended working is here to stay following the impact Covid-19 has had on lifestyles and working culture. The impacts on wellbeing and productivity of working from home are varied and depend on the demographics of each employee.

We have developed a WFH space consultation to assess the suitability and level of support each home setting is providing to an employee. The outputs provide clarity on what may be needed for higher productivity and recommendations to achieve this.

For more information on what this service involves please see HERE

We design a variety of spaces for Education, Retail or Leisure purposes and focus on how the spaces will support the primary aim of the institution or company. Whether it be about high performance learning, teaching or working out, to highly pleasurable customer experiences, we work with client teams to create designs that follow the evidence on how people respond to the physical environment. We ensure that the latest knowledge of interiors and wellbeing are combined to deliver an intelligent and intuitive design solution.

Our trusted people-centered approach is practical, evidence driven and combines aesthetic and scientific languages. We support brand concepts and roll-outs to one off boutique projects that are looking to performance through the power of design.

Some examples of such projects include university teaching spaces, trade show stands and corporate workplaces.

Creating a home for gorgeous people is one of the reasons our teams enjoy working in design. We start by getting to know the individuals and families, making sure we will be the right fit for each other.

The design is developed to support the user profiles of the residents and any family and guests they wish to also provide for. A Design Look & Feel will evolve from the briefing and design development phase, reflecting the needs and aspirations of the clients. We are not a one-design or style practice so each project will reflect a completely different image and content making sure it harmonises with the client’s individual needs and drivers.

If your ambition is to create a home that you wish to have fun in, provide a loving atmosphere and encourage the flourishing of all who enter through your door-step, in a sustainable way, then please do call us as we would love to work with you!