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Working Tool: Green Search Engine

Ecocho is a Yahoo-powered search engine that is working to help fight climate change. For every 1,000 searches made, the company plants two trees. To date, the company has planted more than 7,500 trees and helped neutralize nearly 4,000,000 kilos of CO2. Sustrans (the...

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Creative Thinking from the Fun Theory

VW the car manufacturer has launched an initiative aimed at increasing the development of green living ideas. They are using the fun approach as the medium of gaining interest and hopefully easier adoption by innovators and subsequently the public. Some of the ideas...

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Design Strategy for a Successful Office

How does the Interior Design of your office directly affect the performance of your staff? Interior Design is used in many commercial businesses to improve the way its users - the staff, visitors and clients - feel while using the space and aims to improve the...

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The Green Thing: ideas for a greener life

"I absolutely promise that I will do the Green Thing or may my soul frazzle to a crisp in a globally super-warmed hell of my own making. " That is what you must shout out from the top of a roof once you have joined the Green Thing. Well, not literally but the message...

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RICS Ska rating in the RIBA news

  The RIBA sent out this news cover informing members of the launch of Ska rating. It highlights nicely the free use of the system and is interesting that it describes it as diy! Very appropriate language and tag. Let's see if it catches on! "Fit-outs to compete...

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Design Council: Greengaged 2009

This September I attended a full day of talks at the Design Council during Design Week.  The issues were focusing on sustainability and the influence we have as designers. The areas covered ranged from fasion and travel to product and environment design. Needles to...

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Chair: Reee by Pli Design

Pli Design has produced a number of pieces that comply with the Ska rating criteria and general principles. The Reee chair especially, made from recycled consumer waste derived from one source is a great example of future furniture making. The chain of custody has...

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End-Of-The-Day Questions

Did I make someone giggle, smile or laugh today? Did I take the time to really listen to someone today, with rapt attention, as if nothing else mattered in that precious moment but the words they spoke and the look in their eyes? Did I allow myself to focus on all the...

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Introduction to Sustainability

The 3 Pillars of Sustainability There are many interpretations of the words Sustainability and Sustainable; they are used as a verb to describe a process that can take place continuously, and they are also used as an industry term to describe a product’s state. The...

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