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Low-Carbon UK Threatened by Cuts

According to an article in The Times (Low-carbon UK threatened by cuts by Rebecca  O’Connor, 02.11.09) The CBI has warned that public spending cuts are driving down bids for construction projects to such  low levels that builders will be unable to meet the...

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Neverending Adhesive Tape Calendar for 2010

The V & A Museum shop is now selling a very practical callendar for 2010. They are adhesive tape calendars that can be stuck on wherever. These could be ideal for outdoor workspaces, workshops or busy customer facing areas as well as around the house! Is there a...

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Property Week article on Ska rating launch

Property Week published an article on the imminent launch of Ska rating. The article included a very simple explanation of Ska rating with the following: "Tim Robinson, RICS director with responsibility for selling the project to members, says the aim is to drive up...

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Digging by Edward Thomas

Digging by Edward Thomas To-day I think Only with scents, – scents dead leaves yield, And bracken, and wild carrot's seed, And the square mustard field; Odours that rise When the spade wounds the root of tree, Rose, currant, raspberry, or goutweed, Rhubarb or celery;...

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How to Design and Operate a ‘Green’ Office

How to Design and Operate a ‘Green’ office COP15, the anticipated UN’s Climate Change Conference held at Copenhagen is approaching, it is in fact only 41 days away… December 7th is the commencement and here www.en.cop15.dk you can find many more details on the...

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Hello reader, This is a warning; my cat Merlin will appear on many posts! He is 3 years old, a real hunter and most of all he is loved... a lot! Some facts on him; he loves tuna, he sits in the warm sunlight as it warms his fur, he growls like a dog when the postman...

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