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Methods SKA rating assessment






DThree Studio & Methods Business & Digital Technology






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We were appointed to support the design and build company DThree Studio to achieve a minimum of a Silver SKA rating for their client Methods Business and Digital Technology in the refurbishment of their new office in the City of London. The space was spread over two floors and the request for an environmental assessment came from the client.

The pace of the design process and delivery was fast, so it was very important to get into the design quickly and align decisions and choices to be SKA compliant before procurement issues came into play.

Our appointment included to support the team and client to achieve the Silver rating, not simply to be the assessor.

Starting with a project review to ascertain where the design proposals and project scope aligned against the SKA criteria, we then connected with the teams to disseminate our findings. We also connected with everyone who would affect the rating. This included the design team, the project manager, the commercial team, the site manager, the decorators and floor fitters, the dry lining and ceiling fitters, the furniture supplier, the joiners, electricians and mechanical teams.

The design team worked with us to switch out non-compliant products and materials and reviewed design approaches to reduce waste and pollution. We undertook a ‘Design out Waste’ exercise during the design development and once more when we started on site with the site manager, to ensure we maximized the opportunities to remove and reduce material waste wherever possible.

The Project Manager was proactive and placed great importance to the project’s environmental reduction and compliance to SKA criteria.

We worked with all material and services sub-contractors to understand the scope of each trade’s package and the issues available to work with and reduce environmental impact and support occupant wellbeing.

On site we attended various meetings where design and delivery details were being progressed which meant we could get deeper into the impact possible.

As with all SKA assessments, we made site visits to visually demonstrate the actual deliverables were achieved. We could capture the delivery process efforts too around timber responsible procurement, energy and water monitoring, waste management and material compliance.

Sustainable Achievements

  • The client achieved deeper value by hiring us and combining team up-skilling along the assessment journey.
  • Joinery items were designed with their end of life in mind.
  • Up-skilled in sustainability the supply chain and numerous sub-contractors through on-site support and workshops.
  • Local sub-contractors were used.
  • Responsible sourcing through selected suppliers and their supply chains.
  • Occupant wellbeing measures were targeted through the assessment process.
  • High energy efficiency of light systems and fittings.
  • 90% of the timber was responsibly sourced.
  • High number of materials was certified or came with an EPD.
  • All waste was diverted from landfill and strong work to reduce its creation through design decisions.
  • High re-use of existing furniture.
  • Glazed partitions are able to be disassembled and relocated.
  • A feature brick wall was made using reclaimed bricks.