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Project Specs




1,500 Sq Ft


Huckletree Clerkenwell




London, UK




The brief was to design a pioneering shared membership-based workspace, with the potential to rollout the concept to further sites. The vision was to create an inviting and functional space, enabling Huckletree’s Members to interact in a familiar and informal way, move around easily and maximise use of designated areas for either quiet focus or socialising.

The target users are dynamic, entrepreneurial, friendly and internationally minded professionals. The desired outcome was for an energetic, professional, forward thinking, practical place of work, with natural elements that focuses on enhancing their wellbeing. 

The style should verge on minimalism but with warmth: predominant use of light colours, reclaimed wood and foliage, with wall graphics to communicate Huckletree’s ethos and etiquette.

Feasibility studies were carried out on two previous sites before settling on the current site.

Budget constraints encouraged lots of creative thinking and solutions!

Ska Rating the project was also a requirement. 


Our input from a very early stage was instrumental in introducing the sustainable principles and practise that form the core of brand ‘Huckletree’ today. The design concept is suited to the dynamic, entrepreneurial, friendly and internationally minded professionals that are Huckletree’s Members. We have created a work space that enhances their productivity and enjoyment while working without compromising on style.

Despite project limitations, the space is designed to not just meet current workplace standards but to move ideas forward: to meet a need before it is required, to establish a desire before it has been thought of. Our design team used their creative skills, technical knowledge and sustainable thinking, and together with the resourceful network of suppliers and specialist consultants, came up with interesting solutions that met the design brief and the budget.

Huckletree Clerkenwell has three floors, each of which addresses a different type of working requirement:

  • 1st Floor: to meet people, relax and create
  • 2nd Floor: for group work, to collaborate, discuss and exchange ideas
  • 3rd Floor: an independent working area for concentration and analytical work

The illustrations, made by illustrator Elliott Quince, integrate the Huckletree etiquette and guide Members to get the maximum out of their workplace while considering the environment and their co-workers.


Economic Value

The space reached member capacity within two months. The design and project works came within budget. Reduced materials costs were achieved though arranging marketing opportunities for suppliers. The equipment specified met the Enhanced Capital Allowances criteria.


The client has relayed that the design consistently delivers a ‘feel good’ factor and that member and visitor feedback frequently includes the word ‘amazing’! Huckletree’s space is designed with productivity and creativity in mind, enabling its Members to reach a higher sense of wellbeing while at work. Our design, colours, layout and artwork have been carefully considered according to our expert knowledge and collaboration with environmental psychologists. It proved educational for client and contractor who embraced sustainability, with both encouraged to incorporate the thinking in to future projects.


The project achieved Silver Ska Rating. The design incorporates sustainable and recycled materials with considered environmental impacts, including: recycled content, 3rd party certification and reduced chemical content. A number of Cradle to Cradle companies and products have been used. Some of the re-used materials come from film productions including 47 Ronin, Fast & Furious 6 and the BBC drama The Hour which have been sourced and re-designed to suit their new purpose.



“Grigoriou Interiors truly are the best at understanding the requirements and possibilities that come alongside sustainable design. Their knowledge and design capacities are limitless.”

Gabriela Hersham Co-Founder & CEO Huckletree
Gabriela Hersham Co-Founder & CEO Huckletree