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LMC – Hannah’s Case Study

Work From Home Space Consultation

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London, UK


This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to the pandemic’s effect of an increase in WFH and hybrid workplace approaches. One of the first to adopt this service was Liz Male for her great team at PR firm Liz Male Consulting.

Hannah is working from home in her study. Recommendations for her space included:

  1. Remove the current floating wall shelf and fit shelves inside the built-in cupboard. Relocate in it the current shoe and gift items sitting on the floor.
  2. Introduce a soft seat and casual table. Soft seat to be high-backed or have a deep seat.
  3. Select Realistic artwork that is veering towards Abstraction to support creative work.
  4. Purchase a new desk that has an open base and clean lines. Natural wood would be ideal with a timber worktop.

For Hannah, the consultation was a chance to consider elements of her space and to talk through different ideas.

“The questionnaire was very in depth and got me to think about things I hadn’t considered before. Although it took a while to fill out, it was worth it because it meant that the time on the consultation call was very focused and useful.”

“Elina suggested I move my desk away from the wall and into the centre of the room so that I could look up past my laptop and have things to look at rather than just a plain wall. This would also give me a greater sense of refuge by having the wall closer to my back, while also enabling me to look out of the window without having to turn my head.”

“She also gave some practical advice on how to make better use of my storage space. For example, my shoes were on a rack in the room and by reshelving and adjusting the inside of a cupboard, they are now all neatly stored away and out of sight.”

“The impact on my wellbeing has been positive. I’m regularly experimenting with small changes to see how I work best. Since moving my desk, I’ve much preferred being able to look out of the window, rather than looking at a wall.

“I would definitely recommend the working from home consultation to others. Elina takes the time to really understand you and your motivations which means the advice is mostly spot on. Although we talked a lot about how I feel about textures, colours etc. the final advice was very practical which I liked – move your desk here, get rid of this, change that etc.”

Hannah works from her home-office. Her space is a small spare bedroom, re-purposed as an office space, with a built in wardrobe and large window. In order to support her wellbeing and productivity, we advised her to remove the current wall shelf and move the shoe rack into the fitted cupboard to remove clutter. We then recommended that a soft, deep or high-backed seat and casual table would provide a small breakout space where she could more productively transition to creative tasks. We also suggested that choosing some realistic artwork that she enjoys, with an aspect of abstraction to it would help her in creative thinking.

To read more about the overall experience for the Liz Male team, see the Full Case Study Here

“We achieved a Gold Ska Rating for our London HQ in 2015, thanks to Elina’s invaluable advisory role. Her early involvement and ongoing guidance on materials and sustainability greatly benefited the project. Elina’s expertise and commitment were commendable, delivering excellent value for money. I recommend her for teams seeking environmental and well-being integration, as she’s a true Ska Rating expert.”

Alastair Mant Head of Sustainability, Bilfinger GVA AVISON YOUNG
Alastair Mant Head of Sustainability, Bilfinger GVA AVISON YOUNG