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LMC – Nikki’s Case Study

Work From Home Space Consultation

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London, UK


This is our first case study series on our WFH Space Consultation service, which was a response to the pandemic’s effect of an increase in WFH and hybrid workplace approaches. One of the first to adopt this service was Liz Male for her great team at PR firm Liz Male Consulting.

“Due to the amount of changes required, my home office overhaul remains a work in progress”, says Nikki. “Since the consultations I have done some substantial decluttering and have experimented with a different room layout. I’ve also switched to a Hue lightbulb to alter the lighting according to the tasks I’m doing.”

The below case study is created to help showcase how we helped Nikki transform her work-from-home environment; ultimately improving her wellbeing, making her feel “more productive and less stressed.

Nikki is working from home in her study, and recommendations for her space included:

  1. Balancing the visual weight of the opposite end walls – one with a patterned wall covering and the other with fitted storage and open shelves.
  2. Replace the existing carpet with a lightly patterned option or add a large, patterned rug such as this, or this, and this.
  3. Two floor up/down lights to support the task-based lighting onto the desk and to support video calls.

Detailed Insights & Recommendations

Nikki is working from her home office. The room currently contains much storage and items which she plans to clear through. To support her wellbeing and productivity, the level of visual balance in the room was discussed and agreed to increase it by various means. It was recommended that she cover one wall using patterned wallpaper, and fit a storage unit with open shelves above, on the opposite wall. Additionally, it was suggested that the existing blind be replaced with one in a colour and pattern that is more supportive to her tasks and personality preferences. In terms of lighting, the addition of two floor standing up/down lights would provide better overall, and task, lighting levels in the room.

Case Study Summary of Needs & Solutions

Nikki is working from home in her study. Here are our recommendations to support her wellbeing and productivity.

  • NEED: a feeling of calm and balance
  • SOLUTION: improve the visual balance of the room by covering one wall using patterned wallpaper, and fit storage and open shelves onto the opposite wall
  • NEED: a colour scheme that supports concentration
  • SOLUTION: add a blind in a colour and pattern that supports Nikki’s tasks and preferences
  • NEED: lighting that can support concentration and clarity on video calls
  • SOLUTION: addition of two floor standing up/down lights would provide better lighting levels

“I now have increased awareness of how my space affects my wellbeing and ability to concentrate or be creative, I’m looking forward to redecorating and changing the layout in the coming weeks.”

Nikki Liz Male Consulting
Nikki Liz Male Consulting