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RICS SEE Property Forum, Bucharest – Takeaways

Elina and Angeliki Grigoriou visited Bucharest, Romania last week to attend the RICS South-Eastern Europe Property Forum, where Elina delivered a talk on ‘Designing for wellbeing – the next office market trend’.

Their key insights from 27 hours in Bucharest are:

RICS SEE Property Forum

A very well organised and smoothly executed event, diverse and informative speakers, mixed attendance by big corps, government and some specialist SMEs. Next one taking place this April in Prague and coming to London in November – worth looking out for.

Sector Performance

A selection of slides from a presentation by Dan Bucsa PhD, Lead CEE Economist, Unicredit Bank AG

Investment in real estate


19% of Romania’s inward investment comes from the South African region; the time is good for foreign investment to enter the market and the economic condition is indicative of a high and fairly safe return – “unless they mess it up themselves” speaker quote!

Street Beauty


In Bucharest, streets are framed by beautiful, heritage, art deco and neoclassical buildings that add so much character to the city and enrich its potential – however, most are empty and in need of repair.
These historical buildings truly enrich the city culturally and if Bucharest wins the European Cultural City for 2021 nomination, would be an investment opportunity worth looking at. Beautiful buildings attract people and business.

A summary of the most thought-provoking discussions of the day can be found here and presentations from the conference can be downloaded here.

Overall a very positive and worth-while trip and we look forward to returning soon!



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