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Homes & Residential Development Design

Homes & Residential Development Design

We design homes and residential interiors that increase client and users’ wellbeing by combining sustainability know-how with intelligent, intuitive design, ultimately creating interiors which are comfortable, beautiful and inspiring places to be.

Experience and expertise

We’re the original experts at sustainable interior design – and as a powerhouse of inspiration and innovation, we’ve been leading and shaping the sector since 2010.

Sustainability specialists

We integrate sustainable decision-making into every aspect of a project’s design and delivery process – from floor to ceiling, from the things we can see to the things we can’t, from concept to delivery and post-occupancy evaluations. All our designs are low embodied and operational carbon and highly renewable. They aim to do net positive in the environment and have a positive impact on nature, whether this relates to air quality, responsible sourcing, ecosystems, water resilience or greenhouse gas emissions.


We put people at the centre of our design process and decision-making in order for clients to provide the most out of the space. Project briefs for homes are about real lived experiences and enabling what makes life worth living.


We look at where materials and products come from and where they will go once the space changes. We have a strong track record in enabling circularity through both resource use in design with creative ideas and the procurement approaches that enable the material value to flow back into use.

Designing for wellbeing

We create interiors that resonate with body, mind and emotion, enable comfort, wellbeing and joy, and support people to perform at their very best. We take as much care to understand the people using the space, their psychology, and physical needs, as we do to understand the technical properties of materials and space physics.

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Why our clients
choose us…

“Hiring Grigoriou Interiors for a major renovation of our 1920’s Ealing mansion flat was a great decision. Despite being in Toronto, Canada, they expertly managed the project with a focus on sustainability and well-being. Their designs perfectly aligned with our family’s needs, and they skillfully navigated the build, even during COVID. We’ve been so pleased with their work that we’re continuing additional projects with them and highly recommend GI to friends and family.”

Mr & Mrs Wonderful Private Residence
Mr & Mrs Wonderful Private Residence