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Net Zero & Circularity Training

Net Zero & Circularity Training

We support organisations that really want to change and align with environmental sustainability, with bespoke education programmes that take them on a journey to improve the sustainability of their spaces’ design and delivery and enhance the wellbeing of their people. 

If you are a professional individual, or team, that wishes to specialise or up-skill in Net Zero & Circularity, we offer training sessions in person or virtually that can start or further develop your knowledge and skills.  

Net Zero & Circularity Courses

A few overarching topics that our sessions cover are: 

  • Net Zero carbon terminology and context to sustainability.
  • Science-based targets, what these are and how do their relate to project aims.
  • Designing with embodied carbon budgets, how this is done in practice.
  • Circular design approaches, examples and procurement issues related to these. 

To find out more about our educational programmes and how to book, please visit our Education microsite below.  

Why our clients
choose us…

“…a hugely inspiring and practical course, thank you SO much Elina Grigoriou for sharing your passion and knowledge – everyone working in design and projects should do it!”  

Sara Kassam V&A Museum
Sara Kassam V&A Museum