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Project Benchmarking & Measurements

Project Benchmarking & Measurements

As whole life carbon specialists for interiors and development partners of the SKArating benchmarking system, we stay in front of the latest developments and continually move the industry forward.  

We were instrumental in developing the SKArating system and are technical advisors and accredited assessors – meaning we’re always in front of the latest industry developments.  

Find out more below about the different assessments we offer below…

WLC Assessments

We offer full lifecycle carbon assessments for projects, whether this be as part of an environmental assessment such as SKArating, BREEAM or LEED, or if the client has a Net Zero commitment and requires complete understanding and reduction of their carbon footprint. 

Our service can be as a simple retrospective measurement for awareness and to aid baselines for future targeting, or it can include model iterations and product and material comparisons to support the lower carbon specifications during design development. 

We use the industry recognized standards of WLC assessments, including the RICS WLC methodology and EN 15978-1 in their latest versions.

We pioneer and contribute insights on the development of net zero related benchmarks and the update of standards to reflect the needs of interior design and refurbishment projects.


Our wellbeing assessments focus on the stages of the ‘A better place’ methodology, bringing together Value and Wellbeing.

‘A better place’ is a wellbeing evaluation framework for interior environments. It provides clarity on how to harmonise occupied spaces with employee needs, to support their wellbeing and enable highest productivity and value returns. It allows you to identify and create effective spaces where people can feel and perform at their best, while identifying opportunities for operational cost efficiencies and organisational growth.

Our wellbeing evaluation and integration study is location-specific and consists of four parts:

People Survey

Who are the Users? We conduct specialist questionnaires, workshops, one-to-one interviews and observations to create your User Profiles and define optimum performance. We will establish how a) your staff view their working environment and measure its impact on job satisfaction and performance, and/or b) how your customers view their experience and engagement within your space and impact their buying behaviour.

Space Survey

What is the current performance of your physical space against good practice? We will conduct a thorough assessment of your space’s layout and furniture, design character and presence of biophilia, as well as the key elements that affect wellbeing, such as light, air quality, temperature, humidity, acoustics and visual effects. This survey can take place in your existing space, your empty new premises, or from the design drawings if it is a new build.

Insights & Recommendations

What key spatial features need improvement to support the good performance of Users? Identify specific opportunities to integrate and enhance User wellbeing, space enjoyment, health benefits as well as operational cost efficiencies.

Value and ROI

What value can these spatial improvements return to the business?

We create the link between your space and value return to assist effective leadership and decision making.

When to perform ‘a better place’ wellbeing evaluation?

  • As a one-off or annual audit of your existing space.
  • When designing your new interior environment.
  • As a solution to build staff productivity or customer engagement following poor business performance.
  • Changes in the business which impact the functionality of the space and offer opportunity for culture evolution.
  • Before starting the search for a new space, to ensure it comes with the right features for your business.
  • Business restructuring.
  • Tired space – it is “time for a change”. 
  • Rent review / lease ending; opportunities for both sides to collaborate. 
  • Estate portfolios – when planning an asset value review.

SKA rating assessments

SKArating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable interior fit-outs. It measures and benchmarks the environmental performance of an interior project, no matter how small or large, and helps determine what elements will have the biggest impact on improving sustainability.

Who is SKArating for?

While primarily aimed at occupiers, SKA has benefits for other property stakeholders including landlords, developers and consultants. Clients interested in fitting out spaces in an environmentally positive way can use the SKA assessment scheme with our guidance as an Accredited Assessor to:

  • Provide a framework and guidelines to follow good practice and help decision-making.
  • Follow a sustainable procurement process.
  • Obtain an assessor certificate.
  • Benchmark the performance of fit-outs against each other and the rest of the industry.

We are SKA Accredited Assessors for the Offices, Retail and Higher Education schemes, on top of assessments, we also offer SKArating Foundation and Assessor training and SKArating Product Label reviews and issues.

As SKArating Accredited Assessors, we offer three scopes of service:

Basic SKA Assessment

As part of your project team, we will review the project during the scoping, design and handover stages, complete the relevant sections on the online tool and review the evidence provided. A summary report and Certificate (if achieved) will be issued at completion.

Classic SKA Assessment

This option includes the Basic SKA Assessment together with additional sustainability guidance and answering queries during scoping to increase the project’s probability of achieving a SKArating. Most clients and project teams have traditionally appointed this service, but more and more these days the additional support for a Gold rating is being considered…

Going for Gold

Suitable for projects aiming to achieve a Silver or Gold rating and require enhanced support in the process and knowledge of a sustainable project. In addition to the Classic SKA Assessment, we will support the design team with design solutions to meet target measures, provide material and product knowledge, support the project team to work through waste issues with a ‘Design Out Waste’ workshop, assist with the contractor selection process, provide guidance once on-site and be available for sustainability related queries throughout. The size of our scope is tailored to the project needs and capacity.

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