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Work From Home Space Consultation

Work From Home Space Consultation

Whether you spend 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week working from home, you/your team deserve a workspace in which you can be comfortable and productive. Modern working life rarely sees a hard line between a central office and the other spaces we use to work in. We understand the new world of hybrid and flexible working needs reflecting in the way workplace design and lifestyles are understood and supported.

This is where we can help by offering our expert insights and guidance on how to make your WFH office (or space) more beautiful, comfortable and enjoyable to work in. 

Our Work From Home (WFH) interior design service offers the opportunity to gain personalised recommendations and insights on simple design changes that can have a big impact on your wellbeing and productivity. Or if you are an employer, improvements to the wellbeing of your team and colleagues.

Data-driven design

Through an insightful questionnaire, and in-depth discussions, we take the time to understand you; your current experience of working from home, your preferences, and what is required in order for you to perform and feel well.


We work with a focus on the individual, and to help you learn how to create harmony between your unique needs or those of your team, and the space itself.

Available anywhere

This service is available anywhere in the world as our consultations are done virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Did you know that…

  • Studies have shown that improved air quality increases productivity by up to 11%, 
  • access to daylight in an office space increases individual productivity by up to 15%,
  • and 28% of time in knowledge work is lost to distraction annually–leaving only 72% of time for productive work.

…all things that can be considered and optimised for the best at-home working experience.

To find out more about how our Work From Home Space Consultation service could benefit you or your team, contact us below for more information.

Why our clients
choose us…

The impact on my wellbeing has been positive. I’m regularly experimenting with small changes to see how I work best. Since moving my desk, I’ve much preferred being able to look out of the window, rather than looking at a wall.

Hannah LMC Project
Hannah LMC Project