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Workplace, Commercial & Higher Education Design

Workplace, Commercial & Higher Education Design

We design commercial and residential interiors – including places of work and education, residential developments, private homes, and work from home spaces. We combine sustainability know-how with intelligent, intuitive design, creating interiors which are comfortable, beautiful and inspiring places to be in.

We work with you and project teams to create spaces that enable real wealth: that foster rich relationships, are supportive of the natural environment and promote financial prosperity.


We work together with you, employees and other stakeholders to deliver the most desirable business environment for your staff and business to thrive in.

Performance- enhancing

People and spaces have a dynamic relationship. For people to perform well, they need a comfortable environment in which they can thrive and be productive, whether that be their work, gym or home. Our approach is practical, evidence-driven and combines aesthetic and scientific languages.

Sustainable decision-making

Sustainable thinking is not an add-on; it is integrated with and impacts the entire decision- making process when we design an interior space. We look at where materials and products come from, and where they will go once the space changes. We understand how user behaviours will impact operation energy efficiency and how designing to support the right culture is the key to connecting these two for a sustainable result.

Reaching goals

We collaborate with you to set goals in which to measure the success and performance of a space; working with your corporate Key Performance Indicators and linking them to the project brief and occupant behaviours.

Unlocking value

We unlock the latent value within organisations – identifying challenges and removing obstacles to drive up wellbeing and productivity while driving down costs, risks and carbon.

Have you ever thought …

  • Does the design of a place measurably support the achievement of current organisation KPIs?
  • What impact will a 5% increase in employee productivity have on your organisation’s performance?
  • Is sustainable interior design a coordinated way to lead effective operating costs and unlock brand value?

With our market-leading expertise in sustainable interior design, we can help you to maximise project and space returns by creating environments that support your people and your business to flourish and grow.

If you would like to find out more about our design and consultancy services please contact us below.

Why our clients
choose us…

“Grigoriou Interiors truly are the best at understanding the requirements and possibilities that come alongside sustainable design. Their knowledge and design capacities are limitless.”

Gabriela Hersham Co-Founder & CEO Huckletree

“Together, we embarked on a journey to redefine our company and industry through sustainability. Mission accomplished! Our fresh, modern image resonated with customers, and Starwood emerged as a leader and innovator. Thank you for your immense effort and excellent collaboration with our complex organization. We’ve learned a lot from you and eagerly anticipate more.”

Oliver Bonke Sales & Marketing Emea Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Gabriela Hersham Co-Founder & CEO Huckletree
Oliver Bonke Sales & Marketing Emea Starwood Hotels & Resorts