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Helping you achieve your sustainable targets

As leaders in sustainable interior design and industry-wide environmental change, our work embodies true sustainability values. We deliver sustainability through our interior design service, and through specialist consultancy services of various forms. If it relates to the design process, interiors, and the delivery of them, we can support you through tailored consulting services.

We have led industry and market change towards more sustainable built environments for over a decade. We evolve our knowledge constantly and increase our supportive practices to keep us on the front edge of innovation, inspire change and evolution for clients and wider industry change.

Sustainability is a result of various decisions, and it is about the way those decisions are made. It is a design process, and it does need new skills and know-how, which some designers and client teams have or can up skill to, and we are always happy to share our skill and what we know to date. We can consult as bolt-on consultants to existing design teams, support your R&D teams or share know-how to your site teams. To create a sustainable industry, it will take all of us.

Net Zero & Science-based targets

Top-down and bottom-up approaches are both needed on every project to ensure we achieve the targets set in the Paris Agreement.


This means setting carbon budgets on each project and knowing how to design an interior, how to specify materials, how to detail fittings and how to influence delivery approaches on every project so that all greenhouse gasses (GHG) are minimised, and clients can align to Net Zero claims. This includes comparing design solution embodied carbon of all interior finishes and materials and understanding how the design we are creating will contribute to the client’s targets, both in embodied and operating footprints.

We are signatories to the Interior Design Declare initiative.


Circular Design and Circular Procurement are design, procurement and delivery approaches for projects and products which are critical for sustained solutions in the built environment.


Our work as designers and expert consultants is to maximise the opportunities available on each project, and whenever possible be part of creating new solutions that others can adopt or be part of. A circular approach to design is necessary to achieve the Net Zero science-based targets.

We support the Circularity work by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Real Value

The aim of sustainability is to balance the effects and returns of decisions made so that we can keep extracting value, forever.


What is termed as ‘value’ tends to be different for each project, but we have found that aiming for human and environmental flourishing will also deliver economic flourishing, when done in a sustainable way.

Our work to define what is of real value in each interior or sustainable consulting project is part of our skill and expertise from many years of experience. We help to create clarity in what the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, which include what will be the real value outputs, and ensure the design and delivery of spaces and projects, directly deliver to meet these. Measurement and tracking are naturally a requirement for these to be established as achieved.

Our service ‘a better place’ creates a framework for the targets and delivered values to be set, tracked and measured at the end.

Innovation and Research

We have developed extensive resources and know-how to support occupiers, brand owners and manufacturers to drive change in their spaces, services or products linked to interiors, their operation and supply. Understanding what is needed, being bold to challenge existing systems and supportive to share skills and knowledge for sustained change makes us a great partner to support and inform your sustainability plans. We have worked in a variety of projects and type of clients and adapt to complement your own skilled team’s know-how.

Project Sustainability Aims & Reporting

We have developed extensive resources and know-how to support occupiers, brand owners and manufacturers to drive change in their spaces, services or products linked to interiors, their operation and supply.

Our Services

When clients wish to know if their project is sustainable, we recommend the use of the SKA rating scheme which measures and benchmarks the environmental impacts of any interior scheme and the way in which it has been delivered.

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Impacts from the built environment account for 27% of the total carbon emissions of the UK alone. Your workplace, school or home interior contributes to this environmental impact. Interiors specifically have a shorter life cycle than whole buildings and higher negative environmental impact over their life span. The positive news is that there are many opportunities to do good and change impacts to be positive.

If you are moved by the impacts on our planet, and incentivised to do something, we offer an opportunity for immediate action. Find out how your space or processes perform against Net Zero science based targets, and Circular Economy, and reduce your impact on the environment through your interiors and how they are used.

We offer 3 solutions that will give you clarity & speed of action to respond and adapt your operational life to global sustainability needs.

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If you are a professional that wishes to specialise or up-skill in sustainability in the interior design process and through the design delivery, we have various options for you to consider.

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