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As leaders in sustainable interior design and industry-wide environmental change, our work embodies true sustainability values.

Sustainability is not just about bamboo floors, nor is it only about reducing carbon emissions. We take a floor-to-ceiling approach so that sustainability is integrated into every aspect of a design and the user’s culture or life-style – from the things you can see, to the things you can’t.

At Grigoriou Interiors, sustainability is not an add-on; it is integrated with and impacts the entire decision-making process when designing an interior space or advising a manufacturing client.

Our sustainability consulting is in demand in two ways:

  • as an integral part of our interior design or wellbeing service, or
  • as sustainability consultants on third-party designed projects. 

Our Services

When clients wish to know if their project is sustainable, we recommend the use of the SKA rating scheme which measures and benchmarks the environmental impacts of any interior scheme and the way in which it has been delivered. More…

Impacts from the built environment account for 40% of the total carbon emissions of the UK alone. Your workplace contributes to this.

If you are moved by the dramatic climate change and environmental impacts on our planet, and incentivised to do something, here is an opportunity for immediate action. Reduce climate damage through your workplace and how you use it. We offer 3 solution that will give you clarity & speed of action to many of you who are unsure how to respond and adapt your business life to the global climate needs. More…

If you are a professional that wishes to specialise or up-skill in sustainability in the interior design process and through the design delivery, we have various options for you to consider. More…