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Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Climate Action

Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action, seems like a big one! What can one person or one company possibly do against the huge reductions in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions required to lessen the climate consequences we are already seeing and are predicted to come? It might seem intimidating but even small changes for the better DO have an impact and encourage others to review their own contributions, whether it be targeting NetZero by 2050 (or earlier, perhaps 2030!) or simply leaving the car at home today.

Internally, at Grigoriou Interiors we are already supporting this goal through some of the following actions and behaviours:

  • working remotely and reducing travel;
  • walking or taking public transport;
  • sourcing used furniture and goods in our designs;
  • not ordering samples;
  • printing less;
  • and not getting that single use cup of coffee or water bottle!

Our resource consumption is minimal, and we always consider the environmental impact of purchases made.

Externally, climate change mitigation is woven through all our services: SKArating prioritises energy efficient HVAC equipment, passive design / fabric first design and advice, and Cradle to Cradle certified or type of products in fit out projects. Our interior design projects encompass low impact / lifecycle / circular economy principles from RIBA work stages 0 to 7. In training sessions, we raise awareness of strategies available to businesses, designers and building users to help them achieve their climate impact reduction goals. And before any of this, awareness and commitments are woven into client briefs, tender packages and procurement contracts.

We recently began consulting with leading financial and other commercial organisations targeting Net Zero greenhouse gases within their real estate portfolios; If they believe they can turn around their global and complex stakeholder operations to make it happen, so can anyone!

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