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Wellbeing Evaluation and Integration

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Why wellbeing matters

Good design helps you maximise the value of your biggest assets: your property, your people, your clients.

‘a better place’ is a wellbeing evaluation framework for interior environments. It provides clarity on how to harmonise the occupied spaces with employee needs, to support their wellbeing and enable highest productivity and value returns. It allows you to identify and create effective spaces where people can feel and perform at their best, while identifying opportunities for operational cost efficiencies and organisational growth.

There is a direct link between space design, user behaviour, employee productivity and efficiency, client perception and buying behaviour. Users of spaces whether, retail, healthcare, hospitality or workplace are affected by factors such as colour psychology, indoor air quality, spatial arrangement, journey experience, daylight access, biophilia etc.

The facts

Research indicates that improved indoor air quality increases productivity by up to 11%, while daylight access in offices increases individual productivity by up to 15%.*

People who work in environments with a high wellbeing factor are high performers, and:

  • are more productive
  • demonstrate greater flexibility and creativity
  • have higher levels of engagement
  • are healthier and likely to have fewer days off work due to sickness
  • respond better to difficult feedback
  • make more positive judgements about others
  • have a happier work and home life.**

*Building Research published study by Carnegie-Mellon University 2008, 15 individual case studies analysed for periods of 1985 – 2000, by Vivien Loftness, Center for Building Performance & Diagnostics.

** Source: new economics foundation, 2011

‘ a better place’  

Our wellbeing evaluation and integration study is location-specific and consists of four parts:

  1. People survey: Who are the Users? We conduct specialist questionnaires, workshops, one-to-one interviews and observations to create your User Profiles and define optimum/good performance. We will establish how a) your staff view their working environment and measure its impact on job satisfaction and performance, and/or b) how your customers view their experience and engagement within your space and impact their buying behaviour.
  2. Space survey: What is the current performance of your physical space against good practice? We will conduct a thorough assessment of your space’s layout and furniture, design character and presence of biophilia, as well as the key elements that affect wellbeing, such as light, air quality, temperature, humidity, acoustics and visual effects. This survey can take place in your existing space, your empty new premises, or from the design drawings if it is a new build.
  3. Insights & Recommendations: What key spatial features need improvement to support the good performance of Users? Identify specific opportunities to integrate and enhance User wellbeing, space enjoyment, health benefits as well as operational cost efficiencies.
  4. Value and ROI: What value can these spatial improvements return to the business?
    We create the link between your space and value return to assist effective leadership and decision making.

How we can support you

We are considered experts by the built environment sector in designing for wellbeing in interiors. We help our clients turn indoor spaces into positive influences on people, businesses and the environment, while improving their company’s financial bottom line.

Our differentiator is our understanding of how to successfully integrate a human wellbeing approach within the design and delivery of a high performing interior environment.

When to perform ‘a better place’ wellbeing evaluation?

  • As a one-off or annual audit of your existing space
  • When designing your new interior environment
  • As a solution to build staff productivity or customer engagement following poor business performance
  • Changes in the business which impact the functionality of the space and offer opportunity for culture evolution
  • Before starting the search for a new space, to ensure it comes with the right features for your business
  • Business restructuring
  • Tired space – it is “time for a change
  • Rent review / lease ending; opportunities for both sides to collaborate
  • Estate portfolios – when planning an asset value review

Click here to view our latest ‘a better place’ evaluation study for a major UK landlord.

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