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What is Beauty?

Beauty is an experience, it is not the property of an object. We may find beauty anywhere. We can experience beauty through all of our senses, our eyes, ears, skin, and hands, but also through our minds and feelings.

Beauty can be either abstract, or realistic. This interior picture is captured in an apartment that GI recently designed to reflect the needs of its users. The clients’ need for abstraction vs realism factored into the design decisions in this space, and ensured that the space they would be living in would support the type of beauty they most related to.

There is a calmness and a sense of inner and outer fluidity within the space. Our clients are externally motivated people, so we were tasked to create a place where they could express themselves and feel safe. The space supports their wellbeing, and allows them to feel light & healthy, refreshed, agile and at ease.

Everything about the space, from their existing retained furniture, to the colours, and textures was tailored to meet the occupiers’ needs and their concept of ‘beautiful’. The physical environment can reflect our state, as after all, when something is considered ‘beautiful’ by any of us, it is answering our own internal state of existence.

Our attraction to beauty is an internal quest for what is true, what is yearned for by us in our life’s journey, to achieve what is referred to many times as ‘inner peace’ or ‘completeness’. So, the experience of completeness, of truth, is known through the experience of beauty.

When designing interiors, we could seek beauty in two main ways: the way a space will influence behaviour and enable a particular way of life within it, and the way we create physical forms themselves. We must question the presence of beauty in both the experience of the user, and in the harmony of shapes, patterns, colours, air quality etc. on our nature individually.

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