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WRAP Announces Zero Waste Policy for Scotland!

WRAP, the Waste & Resources Action Programme and the UK’s leading organisation for reduction of waste and efficient use of materials. It assists all sectors of business with advice and guidance towards better practice.

WRAP announced that Scotland is now working to a Zero Waste Policy! This is fantastic news and we look forward to seeing just how that impacts designers and clients in their decision making of a project. Ska rating will need to increase its Criteria requirements to meet this type of move and drive even better results.

This is where Sustainable design gets helped; designers need to continue or start thinking more and using less; where clients need to be open minded and encourage a change in approach to make this succeed. It can be done and every member of each team can make a diference – go for it, save the world!

Iain Gulland, WRAP’s Scottish representative said:

“The opportunity to develop the Zero Waste Scotland programme is exciting.”

“Bringing together the delivery of Zero Waste programmes in Scotland will enable us to deliver better and more efficient services to consumers, local authorities and businesses.  It will give greater clarity to those seeking advice and support on Zero Waste, and it will mean services will be better integrated and able to benefit from economies of scale.

“We will be looking to make the development of the Zero Waste Scotland programme as smooth as possible and will be working with partners to make this happen.”

More information on wrap can be found here.



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