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Working From Home Space Consultation

Personal design advice for wellbeing & productivity

Whether you spend 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week working from home, you deserve a workspace in which you can flourish and achieve your goals.

We realise that with long to-do lists and other priorities, you may not have taken the time to consider how your environment is affecting you. It is also a relief sometimes to offload the responsibility, and to be able to get a 3rd party’s viewpoint, especially if they have lots of experience on the topic.

Small changes can have a considerable impact upon your work productivity. 

To make it easier to start, our service offers the opportunity to gain personalised recommendations and insights on simple design changes that can have a big impact on your wellbeing and productivity. Or if you are a super-duper employer, improvements to the wellbeing of your employees.

Through a comprehensive questionnaire, and in-depth discussions, we take the time to understand the individual; the current experience of working from home, your preferences, and what is required in order to perform and feel well.

We work with a focus on the individual to help you learn how to create harmony between your unique needs, or those of your team, and the space itself. Once there is harmony, more comfort will be experienced, creating a sense of wellbeing, and an environment in which you can work more productively. 

This service is available internationally. If you are in a UK friendly time zone that makes attending a virtual consultation comfortable please simply use below booking calender. For example, Europe, South Africa, and USA & Canada East Coasts would all be perfectly serviced. Please contact us if you are in any other time zone and we will find a time to suit all involved.

There are many beneficial tweaks that can enhance a work environment. The value lies in knowing WHICH specific alterations can produce the best results for YOU in your WFH space.

Studies have shown that improved air quality increases productivity by up to 11%, and access to daylight in an office space increases individual productivity by up to 15%.


28% of time in knowledge work is lost to distraction annually–leaving employees only 72% of time for productive work.

Good design is that which supports wellbeing. We can do better in the way we use our built environment and live in interior spaces. They are tools for life, so let’s make them work for us.

Elina Grigoriou

Design & Sustainability Director, Grigoriou Interiors

Case Study - Liz Male Consulting

Liz Male Consulting (LMC) is a PR and communications consultancy. In March 2020 following the outbreak of Covid-19, the team packed up their desks, picked up their laptops and set up to work from home.

LMC Case Study: Hannah’s experience

“The impact on my wellbeing has been positive. I’m regularly experimenting with small changes to see how I work best. Since moving my desk, I’ve much preferred being able to look out of the window, rather than looking at a wall.”

LMC Case Study: Nikki's experience

“Already, with increased awareness of how my space affects my wellbeing and ability to concentrate or be creative, I’m looking forward to redecorating and changing the layout in the coming weeks.”